Carrie Underwood Brings Out Axl Rose For Epic “Welcome To The Jungle” Duet

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Currently performing all of her hits nightly on her Denim & Rhinestones Tour, Carrie Underwood. Underwood plays 23 songs from her huge discography, including “Good Girl,” “Wasted,” “Last Name,” and “Before He Cheats,” in addition to numerous tracks from her most recent album.

Fans at Carrie Underwood’s Los Angeles concert Friday night (March 13) received a special surprise when Axl Rose joined her onstage for a performance of “Welcome to the Jungle.” Guns N’ Roses won’t be on the road until later this year.

She performs two encore songs at the end of every show, one of which is a rendition of Guns N’ Roses! Given how outspoken Underwood has been about her love of rock music, it’s hardly surprising that she incorporated “Welcome To The Jungle” into her performance. She has been promoting her love of rock music since her days as an American Idol, but her connection with Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose just recently began when she invited him onstage with her at Stagecoach for a performance of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

Although they had previously performed songs together, this is their first time working on “Welcome to the Jungle.” In late April of last year, during Underwood’s headline performance at the Stagecoach festival in California, Rose made her debut appearance on stage. The two sang “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” together. A few months later, at two of their London performances, Guns requested the country singer to perform both songs with them.

A few Middle Eastern performances in June will kick off GN’R’s tour, which will subsequently take them to Europe until late July. They’ll start their North American tour at the beginning of August.



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