Dave Grohl names the best opening band the Foo Fighters have ever had

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Part of the pathway is opening up for the greatest bands, and undoubtedly, the Foo Fighters have secured that spot. It is truly an extraordinary honor.

In the past, back in 2013, a Mexican band called Apolo, hailing from Chihuahua, had the privilege of opening for the Foo Fighters when they visited Mexico alongside The National. While Apolo achieved the tremendous feat of sharing the stage with Grohl, the frontman of the band who will soon release their first album without Taylor Hawkins, it seems that Grohl has made his decision on which opening act deserves the title of the best, and unfortunately, it is not a Mexican band.

So, who did Grohl choose? The Struts, a band hailing from the United Kingdom.

Interestingly enough, The Struts weren’t particularly well-known in their own country, but their fortunes changed after opening for the Foo Fighters in 2017. Their career took off as they had the opportunity to open for iconic acts such as The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, and even The Who.

What makes The Struts Dave Grohl’s favorites? It undoubtedly boils down to their style. In an era where few contemporary bands maintain a passion for old-school rock, let alone its visual aesthetics, The Struts proudly embrace this genre. Their commitment to preserving the essence of classic rock gives Dave Grohl hope. In an interview with Farout, he shared that, at the time, The Struts seemed like the last and only hope for rock ‘n’ roll on the face of the earth:

“Nowadays, everyone seems to be apologetic about being a rocker. But not them. They make you feel sorry for not being one.”

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