Dave Grohl names the Nirvana album he doesn’t like to listen

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Nirvana, the legendary rock band, is known for its trio of impactful albums – Bleach, Nevermind, and In Utero.

Decades later, these records remain an integral part of any rock enthusiast’s collection. However, for Dave Grohl, the band’s esteemed drummer, one album stands out as particularly difficult to listen to: In Utero.

In a new edition of Paul Brannigan’s 2011 biography, “This Is A Call: The Life And Times Of Dave Grohl”, Grohl shares some insightful thoughts about his time with Nirvana.

In a segment shared by Louder, Dave Grohl admits that listening to In Utero can make his “skin crawl”. He explains that the album captures a dark period in the band’s history, which he often finds uncomfortable to revisit.

Grohl describes In Utero as a “dark album”. He occasionally hears songs from it on the radio, and while he appreciates the stark sonic contrast they provide amid modern, heavily produced rock music, the content of the lyrics and the concept of the album as a whole aren’t things he enjoys revisiting often.

One aspect of the album that Grohl does cherish, though, is the sense of urgency it projects. It reflects the raw, unrestrained energy of three musicians playing in a room, capturing a snapshot of their lives at that moment in time.

In Utero was a product of its predecessor’s success. The critically acclaimed Nevermind, despite what some might argue, was an intentional, painstakingly crafted album, Grohl emphasizes.

The band spent countless hours rehearsing and preparing to create Nevermind. However, In Utero was a stark contrast – it wasn’t meticulously planned or laboriously produced. Instead, it was a raw, natural expression of the band’s feelings at the time.

Grohl is proud of both albums. He notes that being able to create two distinct albums like Nevermind and In Utero is a rare feat.

Yet, the memories linked to In Utero’s creation, coupled with its true representation of the band at a challenging time, make it difficult for Grohl to listen to it from beginning to end.

As Grohl explains, he prefers to focus on the future rather than dwell on the past. However, In Utero serves as a poignant reminder of his past and the journey he has undertaken.

The three-album legacy of Nirvana – featuring Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl – undoubtedly left an indelible mark on rock history. However, Grohl acknowledges that reflecting on the making of these albums isn’t always pleasant.

Nevermind, released in 1991, was Nirvana’s most commercially successful album. Its 1993 successor, In Utero, showcased a different, rawer side of the band. This shift in style resulted in an album that Grohl has mixed feelings about.

However, despite Grohl’s mixed emotions, In Utero has seen considerable success since its release, topping charts in multiple countries and selling over 15 million copies worldwide.

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