Dave Grohl once picked “The most important rock band of all time”

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Throughout the annals of music history, names like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, and AC/DC have echoed with significance, each laying their claim to the title of “greatest rock band ever.” Each had their unique contributions: Led Zeppelin set the tone for stadium rock, Nirvana brought grunge to the masses, and Pink Floyd spearheaded prog-rock. However, in the eyes of many, one band towers above them all.

Dave Grohl, the illustrious drummer of Nirvana and mastermind behind Foo Fighters, anoints The Beatles as the “preeminent rock band of all time.” A stalwart in the rock arena himself, Grohl’s opinion carries weight. Few would challenge his claim, especially given The Beatles’ record as the top-selling music artist ever, and their indelible imprint on subsequent generations of musicians.

Grohl expressed his Beatles admiration in a message accompanying the release of the Tomorrow Never Knows compilation on iTunes. “Without The Beatles, I wouldn’t be a musician,” he asserted. From a tender age, Grohl was entranced by their songs, immersing himself in the vastness of their repertoire. “Their rhythm, their confidence, their elegance, their shadows, and their light.”

To Grohl, The Beatles’ creativity was boundless. “They transcended limits, virtually crafting what we now recognize as ‘Rock and Roll.’” Grohl’s passion for The Beatles was so profound that he introduced his six-year-old daughter, Violet, to their world through the iconic 1968 movie, Yellow Submarine.

Just like her father, Violet was captivated. “She was eager to learn their names, the instruments they played, and who crooned each tune,” Grohl shared with evident pride. In mere days, she could sing along to every track. Grohl highlighted her affection for ‘Hey Bulldog,’ calling it a classic Beatles jam. He raved about its essence: “The undulating bass, Ringo’s signature drumming, the gritty guitar work, and that unique Lennon vocal texture. It’s invigorating. It sways. It engages both mind and body. Lennon’s line, ‘If you’re lonely you can talk to me!’ feels like a beacon in the dark. It’s genuine and evergreen. It embodies pure Rock and Roll.”

Reflecting on The Beatles’ influence on both him and Violet, Grohl concludes, “Across generations, The Beatles stand unchallenged as the quintessential rock band of all time. Just ask Violet.”

The legacy of The Beatles isn’t limited to the Grohl household or even just the rock domain. Their reverberations can be felt in myriad music genres post their era.

Given their profound and enduring influence on the music landscape and on aficionados like Grohl, it’s no wonder he crowned them as the unparalleled rock band of all epochs.

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