The Foo Fighters song Taylor Hawkins hated the most

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The unexpected death of the talented musician Taylor Hawkins, at the age of 50, has deeply touched everyone who knew him, directly or indirectly.

Tribute concerts are being planned to honor him, and in this context, there’s a lesser-known song from the Foo Fighters collection that Taylor Hawkins didn’t particularly like.

It might be worth considering leaving it out of the memorials.

The song is called “The One,” it holds a special place in the early Foo Fighters catalog. However, its origin is quite interesting.

Colin Hanks, the son of actor Tom Hanks, asked Dave Grohl and the band to write a song for his movie ‘Orange County’ in 2002.

“The One” turned out to be a pop song, a style that Taylor Hawkins wasn’t fully satisfied with. In an interview, he expressed his dislike for it, calling it a “total cop-out” in terms of production and sound.

At that time, the Foo Fighters were focused on finishing their fourth album, ‘One By One,’ which had a raw and messy feel that Taylor Hawkins appreciated. However, due to Colin Hanks’ request, they created a straightforward pop track, deviating from their usual musical identity.

‘Orange County,’ starring Jack Black, eventually became a cult classic, depicting life before the Internet era.

Despite Taylor Hawkins’ personal feelings about the song, the music video for “The One” is well-made. It features Dave Grohl performing a scene from ‘Orange County.’ It showcases Nate Mendel trying out mime, Chris Shiflett attempting ballet, and Hawkins himself playing the violin in the classic Foo Fighters style.

As we pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins and celebrate his incredible musical legacy, let’s be mindful of his artistic preferences and emotions, making thoughtful choices during the upcoming concerts.

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