David Coverdale’s Greatest Regret After Offending Robert Plant

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Rock music has a rich history filled with feuds and conflicts among bands and musicians. One notable feud unfolded between David Coverdale, the frontman of Whitesnake, and Robert Plant, the former vocalist of Led Zeppelin. This clash originated from Coverdale’s collaboration with Jimmy Page on the album ‘Coverdale-Page,’ which left both musicians at odds with each other. Coverdale has since expressed remorse for his actions, particularly for offending Plant.

The reception of Coverdale and Page’s joint project was met with mixed reviews, but it wasn’t just the media that disapproved of their collaboration. Robert Plant, Page’s former bandmate, openly expressed his disapproval, igniting a feud that endured for years.

Plant coined the term “David Cover-version” to describe the collaboration, implying that Coverdale lacked originality and authenticity. In a 1998 interview, Plant strongly criticized Coverdale’s integrity and accused him of imitating other artists. He argued that while such emulation might be acceptable for a new band like Whitesnake, Coverdale’s lack of originality was unacceptable given his career stage.

David Coverdale, refusing to back down, retaliated against Plant’s accusations with disparaging remarks, revealing a deep-seated animosity between the two musicians. His statement that he wouldn’t even send Plant cat food if he were starving demonstrated the intensity of the feud.

However, in a 2013 interview with the Classic Rock Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio, David Coverdale extended an olive branch to Plant, expressing remorse for the negative things he had said during the feud. He genuinely wanted to make amends and conveyed his high regard for Plant as both a person and an artist.

During the same interview, Coverdale also conveyed a message to Jimmy Page, requesting him to convey his sincere apologies to Robert Plant. He acknowledged that his previous comments had been defensive and expressed disappointment in himself for engaging in ugly exchanges. Coverdale emphasized his respect for Plant and his desire to mend their relationship.

Coverdale’s statement regarding his regret is as follows:

“When I last saw Jimmy in London, I expressed my desire to buy Robert a drink. I said, ‘When you speak to him, please offer my sincere regrets for any negative things I’ve ever said, most of which were defensive.’ I hold him [Plant] in the highest esteem as both a person and an artist, and I truly would like to sit down, buy him a drink, shake hands, and say, ‘I’m truly sorry.’ Can we be friends again?”

Out of my love and respect for Jimmy, I believe he will convey that message to Robert. Robert may choose to respond negatively, but I don’t hold any animosity, only disappointment in myself for falling into the trap and engaging in hurtful exchanges. It’s not appropriate for someone I hold in such high regard.

Despite Coverdale’s sincere efforts to reconcile and extend an olive branch, news of the two rock stars reconciling has yet to make headlines. The status of their relationship remains unresolved, and the feud continues to cast a shadow over their shared history.

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  1. Cloverdale’s “apology” is BS. “Defensive” and “falling into a trap” are terms used as a reason for his behavior. A real apology never includes reasons or excuses. That’s worse than what he did that he made this childish half-assed attempt to make himself feel better ( the “I’m sorry, but you did it first” garbage). Apologies are to make the other person feel better, not yourself, and is best symbolized as falling on your sword for the other guy. For cryin’ out loud! I taught my kids this when they were little! This dudes a spoiled “twit”!!

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