David Gilmour And Mark Knopfler Might Collaborate, Polly Samson Stirs The Pot

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Recently, David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson shared an Instagram post that included photographs of David and Dire Strait’s Mark Knopfler. The fans gathered around the post and began to wonder if there would be a joint project between the two.

The rock band Dire Straits’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Mark Knopfler, is a British singer and songwriter. He is known for his distinctive fingerpicking style and has been hailed as one of the most innovative and influential guitarists of the last four decades. He is renowned for his deft use of metaphors and references, as well as for the blues, folk, jazz, and rock and roll influences in his music.

David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler are close pals. They have been friends since the middle of the 1970s. It is clear from their prior comments that Gilmour and Knopfler admired one another’s musical tastes. Gilmour complimented Knopfler’s guitar playing in 1985, telling Guitar Classics that his lovely and energizing sound had inspired him. Knopfler also stated that although he didn’t get the opportunity to record with Gilmour, their styles weren’t all that dissimilar in a 2002 interview with the French Guitarist.

In a picture of the two that Samson posted, Gilmour can be seen holding his instrument while they appear to be in a studio. She also included some kind remarks for both of them in her writing. The fans instantly started making predictions about a potential musical alliance between the two well-known artists.

According to Rock Celebrities, “One of the users wrote that it was probably an old picture because Gilmour had already sold his black Stratocaster. However, another user replied by saying that it was the reissued model rather than the original one, pointing out that the photo was new. Another user reacted by writing that their touring together would be a dream-come-true moment for him.”

At the British Grove Studios, David Gilmour is presently recording music for a Teenage Cancer Trust charity endeavor. Given that Mark Knopfler owns the studio, their presence together may not come as much of a surprise. We have not yet been informed of any potential musical cooperation between the two artists.

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