Eric Clapton Supports Maynard James Keenan’s Complaint About Live Shows

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Eric Clapton isn’t a fan of concertgoers using their phones during live performances.

In a recent interview with The Real Music Observer, the legendary guitarist expressed his frustration with audience members who are more focused on their devices than the music:

“I feel like they’re not truly listening. I try to connect with them, to see their eyes, but they’re often too busy looking at their phones. They’re only partially present, more concerned with capturing the moment than experiencing it fully.”

Clapton, who has a clear view of the audience at the Royal Albert Hall, elaborated on the unique environment of the venue:

“The Royal Albert Hall is such a circular space that it almost puts everyone on display. It’s brightly lit, so if someone pulls out their phone, it’s noticeable. The audience there tends to be more self-aware, and I’ve seen instances where someone next to them will nudge them to put it away.”

He went on to explain how this affects his performance:

“There’s a certain level of respect for the artists that I can feel, having been in the industry for so long. I know when people are genuinely engaged with the music. I often want to tell the crowd, ‘We’ll give a better performance if we know you’re really listening. It benefits everyone if you just put your phones away.'”

Clapton isn’t alone in his sentiments. Maynard James Keenan of Tool has also voiced his displeasure with fans using phones at concerts, going as far as to call out individuals during shows and ask them to put their devices away.

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