Glenn Hughes names Gary Moore as the greatest guitarist he’s ever played with

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Over the span of an impressive five-decade career, Glenn Hughes has shared the stage with some of rock music’s most renowned guitarists. In a recent chat with Rockin’ Metal Revival, Hughes highlighted the immensely talented Gary Moore as the standout among them all.

When probed about the best guitarist he has ever collaborated with, Hughes recounted, “Though I’ve had the privilege to play alongside legends like Joe Satriani, Joe Bonamassa, Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore, Brian May, and many more, one name truly resonates above the rest. Gary Moore was unparalleled.”

Sharing a personal touch, Hughes reflected, “Gary and I were not just collaborators but close friends. We created the ‘Run For Cover’ album in 1985. Recollecting the moments of Gary strumming in my studio or crafting lyrics on my couch, I’m reminded of his sheer brilliance. He was truly in a league of his own.”

While Hughes held all the guitarists he’s worked with in high regard, he emphasized, “Though all those legends have their own iconic stature in the rock world, in my eyes, Gary Moore was peerless.”

On a side note, Glenn Hughes will be touring this month, featuring in Planet Rock’s Rocktober tour. The tour pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of Deep Purple’s iconic ‘Burn’ album and will spotlight tracks from Glenn’s time with the iconic group during the MKIII and MKIV eras.

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