The Real Reason Jimi Hendrix hated Jim Morrison

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It is no hidden thing that most people who are in the music industry take drugs or consume alcohol. It has kind of been like a tradition or heritage to take substances. Especially the more popular someone is the more likely they end up either with drugs or alcohol. And the scene was no different back in the 60s, the rock music era.

As mentioned, the 60s was an era of rock and there were many talented music artists. However, with more artists, there were also many rivalries and beef. For example The Beatles and The Beach Boys, there were many rivals like them however, there were also those who really hated each other.

And that is where Jimi Hendrix comes in. If you have been following this artist then you might know that he really hated Jim Morrison. Well, first of all, Jimi Hendrix was an outstanding musician and one of the greatest guitarists, and Jim was the same, he too is considered one of the greatest musicians to ever live. So how did their beef start? what did Morrison do that Hendrix really hated him? keep reading this piece and you will find the answer below or further in the article.

Why Did Jimi Hendrix hate Jim Morrison?

Well, in short, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison along with a few other popular music artists met in a club however, their meeting was not pleasant because they got into a fight. Now, let’s discuss it in more detail. The vocalist of the Chamber Brothers, Lester Chambers explains that back in the day there was not much space in the club so musicians had to collaborate with whoever was present. He said, “You would come in off the street, go down four or five steps and you were in the club. It was a small space, maybe a hundred people at the most, so you got to mingle with whoever was there.”

And once Jimi Hendrix came to the club, he went to the stage and started setting his guitar. There was no problem until Morrison came. When he came to the stage he was already blindly drunk. As per one of the audiences named Michael J Weber, “When Morrison showed up he was very intoxicated, God knows on what, and he was slurring, very stoned.”

He also said that Morrison did not like Hendrix’s attitude. Later Jim went and sat next to Janis Joplin who was also present that day. And all of a sudden Morrison grabbed Joplin’s hair and pulled her to the ground. According to witnesses, Joplin then grabbed a bottle and hit him with it however, it did not injure him.

After that, he went to the stage where Hendrix was jamming with others. As per Lester Chambers, “He was so drunk he had to hold on to the mic stand, and every once in a while, he’d go: “Oooooooh! Waughhhhhh! Awoweee.”  Obviously, anyone would get irritated so was Hendrix who then said to the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, you have heard the sound of Jim Morrison.”

It would only trigger drunk Morrison more so he started to mock Hendrix by getting down on his knees and screaming that he want to suck Hendrix’s d**k. A publicist of the Elektra Records who was present at the club later reported, “He was very loud. And Hendrix was still attempting to play. Morrison wouldn’t let go. It was a tasteless exhibition of scene-stealing – something Morrison was really into. To top it all off, Janis, who had been sitting in the back of the room, saw this happening and suddenly appeared at the edge of the stage with a bottle in one hand and her drink in the other.”

And guess what? yes, you are right, they all started fighting and clearly, Morrison had to take on both Hendrix as well as Joplin. They all had to be taken away from the stage and it is obvious that Morrison would get injuries, after all, he was blindly drunk and couldn’t even stand still properly, and on top of that, he had to take on both Hendrix’s and Joplin’s fierce punches. Now get it why Hendrix hated Morrison? well, if I was in Hendrix’s shoes then I would have hated him too, I mean anyone would don’t you think?


  1. morrison (doors) e Hendrix….sta come MERDASKIN e Deep purple….

    senza scomodare Joplin….sai che pedatone stratosferico al “caro” Morrrison….. magari con quello, oltre una svegliata, imparava a cantare….

    • I agree Goofy Goober, I don’t think anyone would hate someone ( disingenuous to say Jimmy hated anyone ) without an actual quote in reaction to an obviously blind drunk running person’s actions.

    • Morrison “one of the greatest musicians who ever lived” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Seriously?
      Most overrated “musician ” and “poet” in the history of music. Vocals pretty good tho. IMHO of course!
      Hendrix, however, a true GOAT. I stand with that guy here!

  2. Andre Johnson Reply

    I don’t believe it. 3 members of the 27 club all fighting, they all died in 1970.

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