Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page confession about Jimi Hendrix

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Who do you consider the greatest as well as the most influential guitarist of all time? Well, certainly there are numerous guitar players listed as the greatest, however, among that list, we will find two names Jimi Hendrix and the founder as well as guitarist of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page.

Certainly, Hendrix is one of the biggest names in the music world and he really deserves everything he’s getting because the guy literally changed the whole rock music scene. Furthermore, he is not considered influential for no reason, he influenced and inspired many music artists including Paul McCartney from the Beatles and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd.

Even Led Zeppelin’s guitarist really idolizes Jimi Hendrix. Although Jimmy himself is one of the most legendary guitar players, he still thinks that Hendrix’s guitar skill is unmatched, which really shows Jimmy’s humbleness however, it also shows how great Hendrix was.

The 1960s was a pure rock era and both these musicians helped redefine what true rock music is, and more than that they represented the guitar-playing art. These guys had raw talent which is why they are considered the greatest. As mentioned, Jimmy idolizes Hendrix however, he also has one big regret about Jimi Hendrix, let’s discuss the biggest regret Jimmy has about Jimi Hendrix.

What did Jimmy Page say about Jimi Hendrix?

Although Jimmy Page says that Hendrix’s guitar skill is unmatched, Page himself is not some rookie, he has a really deep relationship with guitar and he is also a music veteran. Before founding Led Zeppelin Page used to rock with the Yardbirds. Furthermore, he also worked with several musicians including Van Morrison, the Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, and more.

He then founded Led Zeppelin in 1968 and this band turned out to be a true legend that even Page himself would not have thought about. The band has nearly sold three hundred million units globally. Page’s guitar-playing ability is certainly impressive, especially the combination of minor and major pentatonic patterns.

So what does Page think of the revolutionary musician Jimi Hendrix? well, Jimmy undoubtedly like everyone else thinks Hendrix is one of the best and most inspirational guitarists however, as mentioned above, he also has one big regret about Hendrix.

Page told in an interview with Rolling Stone, “We’ve lost the best guitarist any of us ever had, and that was Hendrix.” Furthermore, he said, “It is just kind of a shame that I never really had a chance to talk with him or hear him, I heard his records, naturally, but it would’ve been a thrill to see how he worked things out on stage. That’s quite another ballgame, as you know.”

However, it is not like Page never meet him, he did meet Hendrix but the thing is when they met Hendrix was hardly aware of his surroundings. Page said, “Did I ever meet him? I did actually go into a club in New York called Salvation, and he was there, but he was totally out of it, he didn’t really know who anybody was — he was barely conscious. Somebody was just kind of holding him up.”

It seems that Page really is the biggest admirer of Jimi Hendrix as he told Jimi was the “best guitarist any of us ever had.” There are several other artists who Jimmy considers his favorite and the greatest, however, we can be sure that the one who is in first place on the list is none other than Jimi Hendrix. Furthermore, a few of Page’s other favorite guitar players or musicians include Eric Clapton, Clarence White, Amos Garrett, Elliott Randall, and several others.

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