Keith Richards: “Anything I do is a tribute to Charlie Watts”

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Keith Richards recently shared insights on how The Rolling Stones is evolving after the loss of their drummer, Charlie Watts, in 2021.

“Everything I create is in honor of Charlie Watts,” Richards mentions in his latest chat with Rolling Stone. “Whenever I’m working on a tune, it feels like Charlie’s setting the rhythm right beside me.”

“When you have Charlie Watts on a track, it’s just perfect,” he adds with emotion. “How I miss that presence.” Watts’ contributions shine in two tracks of the Stones’ upcoming album, Hackney Diamonds – ‘Mess It Up’ and ‘Live By the Sword’.

Stepping into the big shoes of Watts is Steve Jordan, a familiar face and frequent collaborator with Richards. Ronnie Wood, in the same conversation, describes Jordan’s style, “Steve doesn’t just play the drums; he makes the stage come alive. He’s a force of nature.”

Mick Jagger has also been heavily influenced by Jordan’s beats during the making of the album. “I’m all about the groove,” Jagger shares. “When crafting a song, I have a specific rhythm in mind. It’s a group effort, but I have a clear sense of the vibe I want.”

Discussing their new single, ‘Angry’, Jagger reveals that it emerged during a jam session with Jordan. “To get the right beat, I’d quickly jot down some lyrics,” Jagger explains. “It’s all about making it danceable and delivering the words at the perfect pace.”

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