Paul Stanley Names The Band That Inspired A KISS Stage Prop

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KISS was formed in 1973 in New York City and consisted of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and their original drummer, Peter Criss.

The band’s sound has changed significantly since the release of their debut album, “Kiss,” in 1974 and is evolving every day.

They are also known for their lavish stage shows and flamboyant costumes. With over 80 million albums worldwide, they are one of the most influential bands in the history of rock and roll band.

The classic Cracked Mirror guitar played by Paul Stanley is a universally recognized representation of 1970s glam music.

It is one of their most infamous gear and according to Paul Stanley, it was inspired by another band. The guitar is a one-of-a-kind creation that luthier Ernie Ball created especially for Stanley.

A cracked mirror in Stanley’s dressing room served as the inspiration for the guitar’s distinctive “lightning bolt” shape.

Stanley recently revealed his inspiration behind the guitar design while talking to Florida’s 98.7 The Gator. He revealed, that the cracked mirror came about in the 70s.

He continued, “The first one was, I think, in 1977. I was a big fan of Slade; they did ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’ and ‘Cum On Feel the Noize.’ They were terrific. They actually did some shows with us in the early days, and they were massive in England. One of the things I was taken with was the lead singer, who was also the rhythm guitar player. So, there was an affinity for that connection.”

Paul recalled that Noddy Holder inspired him a lot during his early days. He remembered, that he had a top hat with round mirrors all around it. That time when the spotlights hit it, it sent beams out. That inspired Paul a lot.

He recalled, “‘What if we put cracked mirrors onto a guitar and angled them in different angles?’ I can light people in the back of an arena or a stadium, so it’s very cool. The original ones were glass mirrors, and they had a little bit of blood underneath because the edges weren’t always perfect. Now we use Plexiglas with the same look but much lighter.”

He also revealed that the guitar was very old. He said that he met with the people from Ibanez in 1976 in Tokyo. Paul said, “This guitar, like many other things, starts off as something new, and if it stands the test of time, it becomes a classic. So, at this point, that guitar is almost 50 years old.”

One of the most recognizable guitars of the 1970s and a representation of the glam rock sound is the Cracked Mirror guitar. It has been included in numerous great songs, including KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Nite,” and is still a preferred option for guitarists today.

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