Legendary David Crosby Calls Iron Maiden “Noise”

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Back in October, David Crosby made some comments regarding Iron Maiden and surely raised some eyebrows on Twitter. He is no stranger to controversy but his latest comments may have taken things a little too far. It took the metal community by storm.

On October 22, the singer-songwriter described Iron Maiden as ‘noise’. It was on Twitter and there was a big surge of Iron Maiden fans who came to defend the band. Crosby’s comment came in as a response to a friend and fellow guitarist Vin Downes who shared his impression of attending an Iron Maiden performance for the first time in 36 years. David wrote in the reply,

“It’s so weird to me that you like that noise.”

Quiet a hasty comment to make, that’s when The Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick responded with.

“David, it has to be experienced live. The energy is contagious. Let Vin Downes drag you to one of their shows sometime. You might be surprised!”

There was also a user on Twitter who tried to insult the folk musician. Again, Alex Skolnick came in to reply to that particular person. The Testament guitarist surely didn’t want any beef.

David has been a part of the music industry for a very long. Despite that, he has never been a fan of the heavy metal genre and doesn’t understand the appeal of the genre. Earlier in October, Iron Maiden also announced their ‘The Future Past’ 2023 tour that will be focusing on ‘Somewhere in Time’ and ‘Senjutsu’ albums. You can check the tour dates here.

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