Marty Friedman Didn’t Get Any Offers From Dave Mustaine To Rejoin Megadeth

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During an interview with Chaosize, Marty Friedman addressed the ongoing chatter about a potential return to Megadeth. Dismissing any notions of an offer from Dave Mustaine, Friedman labeled the idea as far-fetched, emphasizing that it hadn’t crossed his mind. He stated:

“Nope, that’s not on the cards. I’m out of the loop on that one. Realistically, I don’t see myself fitting into their current lineup, nor do I think it’s something Dave is considering. They’re doing just fine as they are.”

Although Friedman briefly shared the stage with Megadeth during two shows in Tokyo last year, his cameo fueled speculations of a reunion. However, his recent clarification unequivocally quashed such rumors.

Turning attention to Megadeth’s newest recruit, Teemu Mäntysaari, following Kiko Loureiro’s departure, Friedman reiterated his disinterest in rejoining the fold. Despite fan fervor for his return, Friedman maintained his stance.

In a different segment of the interview, Friedman extended his well wishes to Mäntysaari, lauding his addition to the band. Reflecting on their brief encounter at Wacken, Friedman commended Mäntysaari’s demeanor, expressing optimism for his future with Megadeth:

“I had a brief chat with him at Wacken, seems like a solid dude. I genuinely hope he has a blast with those guys; he’s going to fit right in.”

This wasn’t the first time Friedman had praised Mäntysaari. Previously, he publicly applauded Mäntysaari’s entrance into Megadeth, acknowledging his commendable contributions to the group.

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