Neal Schon Responds To Rumors About Who’s Replacing Arnel Pineda

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Following recent comments by Arnel Pineda addressing racism and criticism aimed at him, his bandmate Neal Schon has stepped up to quash rumors about Pineda leaving Journey. In a Facebook post, Schon made it clear:

“Hey folks, let’s put an end to all the nonsense chatter coming from ex-managers about Arnel leaving or me replacing him. We’re stronger than ever!”


“We’re excited to see you on tour soon! Tour kicks off in a few days. Big love and thanks to all of you.”

Journey’s 2024 tour begins on February 9 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. They’ll also team up with Def Leppard for a North American tour from July to September, building on their previous collaborations.

In 2007, Journey made waves by recruiting Filipino singer Arnel Pineda as their frontman after Schon stumbled upon his rock covers on YouTube. Placing an Asian artist at the forefront of an all-American band sparked racism and skepticism among some fans.

Responding to critics on Instagram, Pineda recently shared:

“To all the bashers, foes, racists, and haters, I won’t stop singing, with or without Journey… It’s in my blood. Yes, I desire a better life, to be recognized for what I do best, but I never imagined being part of the band you love and respect. Call it fate, destiny, or luck?”

In a message set against John Lennon’s ‘Love,’ he continued:

“I’m sorry for causing you pain… I’m willing to take the blame. I still believe in love, peace, unity, and harmony, hoping one day you’ll forgive me, just as I’ve forgiven you. Love conquers all.”

Unlike some diehard fans, Journey members and former vocalist Steve Perry embraced Pineda. Perry praised him at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017, while his successor called their meeting a ‘glorious moment.’

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