Noel Gallagher names Oasis song that sounds like the “Modern Beatles”

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It’s no secret that the Gallagher brothers, despite their self-proclaimed status as the greatest band in the world, have always drawn immense inspiration from The Beatles. The iconic influence of the Fab Four is woven into every fiber of Oasis’ musical fabric. While the impact of The Beatles on Oasis‘ sound is undeniably evident, Noel Gallagher recently unveiled a surprising revelation—that there is one Oasis song that comes tantalizingly close to capturing the essence of their beloved idols.

This revelation emerges from an unexpected source—their fourth studio album, ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants’ (2000). During this era, the band took a break from the relentless rock and roll and found themselves grappling with their changing perspective on the music industry, becoming disillusioned with its commercial focus.

As Noel and Liam Gallagher embarked on a journey to cleanse themselves from the clutches of addiction, they also distanced themselves from long-standing friends. The recording sessions for ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants’ witnessed the departure of ‘Bonehead’ and ‘Guigsy,’ who continued to indulge in drugs and alcohol despite the band’s new direction.

Amidst the internal tensions and struggles, Noel managed to salvage one song from the album—’Go Let It Out.’ In Noel’s own words from his memoir, ‘Lock the Box,’ “It’s the first time we ever got close to sounding like a modern-day Beatles, I think, which is what we were striving for for years.”

The return of Oasis to the stage after a year of silence exuded a delightful Beatlesque vibe. The straightforward acoustic guitar combined with Liam’s gritty vocals bore a striking resemblance to the spirit of John Lennon. The chorus, enriched by the ethereal sounds of the Mellotron, echoed the psychedelic essence reminiscent of Beatles classics like ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.’

Despite Noel’s reservations about the album as a whole, ‘Go Let It Out’ remained a standout track that excited his creative senses. He candidly expressed, “I wasn’t particularly inspired during that time, but ‘Go Let It Out’ stands head and shoulders above everything else. It’s up there with some of the best things I’ve ever done.”

The tour that followed ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants’ was fraught with tension and marked one of the most challenging periods in Oasis’ career. Notably, their performance at the prestigious Wembley Stadium proved disastrous. Noel temporarily stepped aside, allowing backup guitarist Matt Deighton to fill his shoes, while Liam struggled with a relapse into drug use, delivering a chaotic stream of nonsensical shouts through the microphone.

Although the Gallagher brothers may currently find themselves at odds, their shared history is rife with memorable moments. One such incident involved the united front they presented when confronting a fan who audaciously hurled a shoe at Liam’s head. The details of this intriguing encounter can be discovered here.

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