Robby Krieger’s Regret After Jim Morrison Passing

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In a recent interview with Goldmine, Krieger shared his regret which involved Jim Morrison. Robert was alongside Jim Morrison during the formation of The Doors which marked their whole career. He revealed that he regretted making music without a lead vocalist.

The Doors, a 1960s American rock band, had a significant influence on the counterculture of the time. Their psychedelic rock sound and impassioned, poetic lyrics, led by the charismatic singer Jim Morrison, struck a chord with the disaffected youth of the moment.

Morrison is best renowned for his work as the Doors’ lead singer and lyricist. He was a mysterious character who had come to represent teenage rebellion and anti-establishment sentiment. He pushed the limits of live performances and wrote surrealistic and beautiful songs. Many other musical styles, including punk, post-punk, and grunge, were greatly influenced by Morrison’s musical style and lyrical skill.

Sadly, Jim passed away in Paris at the age of. It was July 3, 1971. Morrison’s death has never been fully explained, however, it is generally accepted that he died from a drug overdose, namely a mix of alcohol and heroin. The other bandmates were at a loss for what to do after hearing the awful news. They looked for a replacement vocalist to take the position of their deceased frontman, but nobody fit. By the time it was through, Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzarek had decided to sing themselves. A few months after Jim Morrison’s death, in October 1971, they completed the album. Robby said that instead of attempting to imitate something that only Jim Morrison could achieve, they should have merely created music that resonated with them.

On his regret, he shared,

“I’m sure it did, but I wish we had not even tried to sing. Maybe we should have just become a jazz band or something because, musically, it just always worked. Everything we played was so amazing. Trying to be a rock and roll band without a lead singer wasn’t easy, but that’s how things worked out. Finally, we decided to try and find a lead singer, and we all moved to England. But it never happened.”

The guitarist revealed that the rest of the band was proud of their own effort too. But, Morrison’s absence could easily be seen in the album and maybe it is why he has some regret over that decision.

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