Sammy Hagar Says He Doesn’t ‘really Respect’ David Lee Roth

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During a recent interview with the Washington Post, Sammy Hagar discussed his thoughts on David Lee Roth. Hagar emphasized their stark differences, both in personality and lifestyle choices. As a committed family man, Hagar spoke about his long-standing marriage, children, and grandchildren. He highlighted his serious approach to his craft, prioritizing his health and maintaining optimal conditions for each stage performance. Hagar explained that his work ethic and values diverged significantly from Roth’s, who seemed more focused on fame and garnering attention rather than being a genuine artist.

However, Hagar made it clear that despite their disparities, he respected Roth’s contributions to Van Halen. Acknowledging Roth’s role in the band and his distinctive voice, Hagar praised the early Van Halen records, expressing admiration for Roth’s singing style, attitude, and persona. Although he noted that Roth’s singing abilities had declined over time, Hagar maintained his appreciation for the past accomplishments they shared.

Earlier in the conversation, Hagar touched upon his reconnection with the late guitarist Eddie Van Halen. He described a heartfelt reunion that occurred four to five months before Van Halen’s passing. Hagar emphasized that their meeting wasn’t about assigning blame or seeking apologies but rather an opportunity to bridge the divide that had separated them. Hagar recalled initially reaching out to Van Halen through his brother and expressed relief when Eddie himself responded positively.

Reflecting on the timing of their reconciliation, Sammy Hagar expressed immense gratitude for reconnecting with Van Halen when he had reached a state of peace and acceptance. Hagar acknowledged Van Halen’s awareness of his illness and was moved by the guitarist’s elevated perspective on their past conflicts. He expressed profound appreciation for the opportunity to have meaningful dialogue with Van Halen during his final months, recognizing that if their reconciliation hadn’t occurred, he would have been devastated by the loss.

Van Halen had confided in Hagar about his ongoing health struggles and the imminent need for medical attention. Despite the challenges he faced, Van Halen expressed a desire to collaborate once again, reminiscing about their past musical achievements and enthusiastically discussing future plans. Hagar cherished the opportunity to reconnect with Van Halen, not just for the sake of their artistic endeavors but also for the chance to ensure his well-being. The loss of Van Halen remained deeply emotional for Hagar, but the reconciliation they experienced provided some solace in coping with the grief.

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