Vince Neil Reveals MÖTLEY CRÜE Will Embark On Another Stadium Tour In 2024

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In a freshly unveiled dialogue with The Music Universe on the recent Thursday (June 29), MÖTLEY CRÜE’s vocalist Vince Neil divulged insights about the ensemble’s clandestine performance in London, England, masquerading under the moniker DÖGS OF WAR. Neil disclosed, as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET: “Indeed, we ventured into the studio not long past — approximately a half year ago — and crafted three novel tunes. One amongst them is dubbed ‘Dogs Of War’. And we’re orchestrating a spectacle tomorrow night at a London club under the guise DÖGS OF WAR. It appears the buzz has spread, for it was fully booked in under sixty seconds. Quite remarkable, indeed.”

Revisiting the CRÜE’s recording endeavors with their seasoned producer Bob Rock, Neil remarked: “It’s fascinating. We’ve introduced three fresh MÖTLEY CRÜE melodies. And we plan to capture it on film tomorrow night. I’m keen for the audience’s reception.”

Inquiring about the catalyst for their return to the studio, Vince articulated: “Following the composition of the tracks, we summoned Bob Rock, our maestro, to evaluate them. Securing studio time, we proceeded to lay them down. I wasn’t in conjunction with the band for this, as I reside in Nashville, whilst they’re stationed in L.A. They laid down the tracks in Nashville, and subsequently, I engaged in a three-day Zoom consultation with the producer to complete the vocals. The outcomes were exceptionally pleasing. One of the tracks is a rendition of the BEASTIE BOYS’ anthem ‘Fight For Your Right’… An exceptionally cool rendition, indeed.”

On the potential of these three new melodies heralding a comprehensive album, Neil speculated: “It’s uncertain whether a full album will materialize. We’ll first gauge the reception of these tracks.”

Later in the discourse, Vince elaborated on MÖTLEY CRÜE’s forthcoming agenda, stating: “Our plan is to conclude our current commitments. Post the ongoing European tour with DEF LEPPARD, eight performances await us in the U.S. Subsequently, we’re off to Australia and Japan. There’s talk of re-entering the studio for a few additional tunes. A new stadium tour for the ensuing summer is in the pipeline, though the participating acts remain undecided.”

The Underworld concert saw Neil and his cohorts unveil their rendition of BEASTIE BOYS’ “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).”

CRÜE and LEPPARD embarked on the European segment of “The World Tour” on May 22 in Sheffield, concluding on July 6 in Glasgow.

The U.S. leg of their mini-tour, featuring Alice Cooper, is slated to commence on August 5 in Syracuse, New York, traversing the Midwest before wrapping up in El Paso, Texas, on August 18. Performances in Japan and Australia are set for autumn.

In April, MÖTLEY CRÜE’s bassist Nikki Sixx announced the completion of several new tracks with Rock.

MÖTLEY CRÜE’s newest guitarist John 5, in a conversation with Sirius XM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,” shared his exhilaration about the recording process with Rock: “Bob’s involvement brought a fresh perspective, urging us to experiment. The experience mirrored the raw energy of our garage band days, a truly unforgettable journey.”

John 5 expressed his enthusiasm for the heavy and ferocious nature of the new tracks, anticipating a warm reception from fans.

Regarding the sonic comparison of the new material to the band’s iconic second album, “Shout At The Devil,” John 5 hinted at a heavier riffage, promising an audacious output.

Mick Mars, the co-founding guitarist, due to health concerns, stepped back from touring last October, with John 5 stepping in for live performances. Despite this change, Mars remains integral to the band, facing legal challenges to maintain his stake within the group.

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