Ted Nugent On Keith Richards: ‘He’s Pickled, Chemically Smoked, And Preserved’

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Ted Nugent is known for his outspoken nature and penchant for expressing his opinions, especially when it comes to fellow musicians. He often employs his unique and eccentric choice of words to describe them. However, it appears that Ted Nugent has made an exception this time when discussing Keith Richards.

Following the passing of Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones are currently working on a new album, and they have enlisted the participation of Paul McCartney from The Beatles on one of the songs. In January, Keith Richards hinted at the possibility of a Stones tour. Recently, on an episode of his Spirit Campfire show, Ted Nugent shared his thoughts on Richards’ decision to hit the road.

Ted Nugent expressed the following about Keith Richards: “Let’s talk about my buddy, Keith Richards, who is getting ready to embark on a tour. Now, usually, everything I say makes perfect sense, except when it comes to Keith Richards. I absolutely adore this guy, but he’s about to go on tour again, and I told my friends, ‘I think he’s pickled.’ You know, when you take a wild pig’s haunch of ham, smoke it, and preserve it forever. I genuinely believe Keith Richards is pickled, chemically smoked, and preserved. But I love him nonetheless.”

Despite the opinions of Grace Slick, who argues that older rock stars like Keith Richards’ bandmate Mick Jagger should retire, Ted Nugent seems to support Richards’ enthusiasm for continuing to create music, even at his advanced age.

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