The drugged-out music video Stevie Nicks finds hard to watch

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Stevie Nicks started her journey with her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham in 1972. They are still two of the best-known artists in the world. The pair is best known for being in the band, Fleetwood Mac. And the story behind how they both got into the band is fascinating.

When the peak moment of the career was yet to come for Fleetwood Mac, drummer Mick Fleetwood was looking to replace Peter Green. He was the original guitarist for the band. That’s when he tumbled upon Lindsey Buckingham.

When he was asked to join the band, he agreed but only if he could bring his then-girlfriend Nicks alongside him on the singing and songwriting front. Mick accepted the condition and it was one of the best things that could happen to him.

Fleetwood Mac was a fully-fledged band by then and with the release of Rumors in 1977, the band was a great success. It is their best-selling album. But that’s the exact time, the band was also in a big chaos. Their success and failure were going hand in hand. The whole band was addicted to cocaine.

The album was filled with drugs, tension, disputes, and disloyalty. The other major component was cocaine. The band was very successful but crumbled apart later in its career. That’s when Nicks started her solo career. Her debut album in 1981, ‘Bella Donna‘ was a huge success and lifted her to number one. She was on the top for a long time and even joined the tour with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. That was the time she was warned about her health problems which revolved around cocaine.

In 2009, during the discussion on The Chris Isaak Hour, she recalled her conversation with her doctor. “I said, ‘What do you think about my nose?’ And he said, ‘Well, I think the next time you do a hit of cocaine, you could drop dead.'”

And now on the music video, Stevie Nicks can’t watch…

The 1980s was the age of MTV. It simply focused on making music videos for artists and that’s when Nicks was called to do one music video. It was a dark period for Nicks because she would regularly take drugs on the set of her music videos. She revealed the music video that she can’t watch is ‘I Can’t Wait‘ from Rock A Little. Nicks stated in the book ‘I Want My MTV’.

“I look at that video, I look at my eyes, and I say to myself, ‘Could you have laid off the pot, the coke, and the tequila for three days, so you could have looked a little better?

It just makes me want to go back into that video and stab myself.”

She got off drugs in the late 1980s. But her friends were concerned about a relapse and its effects on her. Her psychiatrist prescribed her Klonopin and that didn’t go well. She circled around because she was addicted to Klonopin which affected many live performances in her career. About it, she said,

“Klonopin was worse than cocaine. I lost those eight years of my life. I didn’t write, and I had gained so much weight.” Thankfully she got off it too in 1993 and things are looking great for her even today.

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  1. Mick Fleetwood wasn’t looking for a replacement of Peter Green, get your facts straight … PG had left 4 to 5 years before … he was looking for a replacement of Bob Welch … who had replaced some other guitarists who came after PG …

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