The legendary musician Brian May labelled a “Genius”

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Prince is celebrated globally as a musical genius. His initial album, “For You,” stands as a testament to his multifaceted talent, listing him as responsible for “all vocals” and showcasing his proficiency with a vast range of instruments, from guitars in various forms to both electric and acoustic pianos.

Brian May, another musical icon, was in awe of Prince’s raw talent, making it quite natural for someone of his musical stature to hold Prince in high regard. Much like May,

Prince’s unmatched guitar skills became a hallmark of his musical identity, evident in tracks such as ‘Purple Rain’, ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’, and ‘I’m Yours’.

Moreover, Prince’s musical genius wasn’t just limited to one genre or style. His capability to oscillate between different musical instruments and integrate them into his music places him amongst the under-recognized guitarists in music annals.

Attending Prince’s The Earth Tour: 21 Nights in London in 2006, May felt like he was witnessing a masterclass. He equated the sensation to observing “a genius in motion” and defined the icon as a “unique masterpiece.”

May articulated, “His mere presence on stage, exuding his natural artistry, was mesmerizing. The intriguing paradox is that as he immerses himself fully in his art, he turns into something he perhaps cannot self-reflect upon.”

What truly stood out for May was Prince’s ability to enrapture an audience, relying solely on his raw talent, without resorting to theatrical outfits or fireworks. He described the experience as “akin to witnessing nature’s fury”. May elaborated, “He unfolds on stage, revealing dance sequences, vocal acrobatics, sensuality, breathtaking keyboard skills, and top-tier guitar mastery. It’s a perfect blend of preparation meeting spontaneity.”

Having been close to the legendary Freddie Mercury, May has an innate ability to discern greatness in performers. For him, Prince’s onstage charisma bore similarities to that of Mercury’s.

Despite never having personally met Prince, May felt a connection through his stage presence, which reminded him of Mercury’s magnetic qualities.

His rendition of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ left May in awe, with Prince channeling the essence of both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, exuding effortless grace and passion.

He concluded: “While the iconic Led Zeppelin will soon grace this very arena, Prince has already set the tone, embodying the essence of Hendrix, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder all in one.”

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