The one Led Zeppelin song that Jimmy Page dislikes

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Jimmy Page and Robert Plant go hand in hand until they don’t. As a part of Led Zeppelin, the artists have gathered millions of fans around their sound. But, when it comes to their musical followings both of them had different views regarding the sound of one particular song, ‘All My Love‘.

Surely, the guitarist has never been the one to shy away from criticisms. He has fairly talked about his own creations too. And he has talked about one single that he never felt comfortable playing. It was because the riffs from the song didn’t reflect his style.

He talked about it when SFGATE interviewed him in 2000. The chat was going smoothly and suddenly, he was asked if there was a song he hated. He admitted,

“The only one I never felt comfortable playing was ‘All of Your Love‘. That was not my sort of deal. It sort of felt like the Rod Stewart songs of the time with the scarf-waving chorus. That wasn’t really my thing.”

In another interview published in Brad Tolinski’s Light and Shade, he commented, “I was a little worried about the [‘All My Love’] chorus. I could just imagine people doing the wave and all of that. And I thought ‘That is not us. That is not us’.”

The song was supposed to be soft and it was. It was very different from any other Led Zeppelin materials. The prime reason behind all the warmth was, Plant wrote the song as a tribute to his five-year-old son, Karac. He had passed away after suffering from a virus. In 2018, while performing the song he explained, “It was just paying tribute to the joy that [Karac] gave us as a family and, in a crazy way, still does occasionally.”

Though Page was not a fan of that particular song, he knew his place and didn’t want to interrupt their personal sentiments. ‘All My Love’ was totally Plant’s creation and the guitarist surely didn’t want to hurt his bandmate. Page was also fine with Led Zeppelin releasing ‘All My Love’. He even said, “In its place it was fine, but I would not have wanted to pursue that direction in the future.” His embrace of Plant’s creation was one of many reasons the band thrive.

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