The Pink Floyd Song David Gilmour Regretted Writing

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Pink Floyd has been one of the biggest influencers and popular bands in the world with over 250 million records sold. After that much success rate, you might think there isn’t any room for regret in Pink Floyd, but there was some.

Let’s time travel and go back to the year 1968, January 3rd when Gilmour accepted a try-out to replace Barrett. Since that day, everything changed for Gilmour.

January 3rd was a big day and his friends were watching him as he was playing at the Imperial College in London. Since that day Gilmour became an important figure in the band. He was enjoying his days in the band and after 20 years he expressed his first regret with the band.

He had his first regret at the time when Roger Waters chose a different path and parted with the band and piles of obstacles started rising. “It was an alarming time,” Glamour said, “It was a big thing to carry on Pink Floyd with Roger having gone.”

Waters was the founding member of the band, and after his leave, the band faced many problems, especially Glamour. Waters and Glamour had the perfect combination because Waters knew his style and sensibility of him.

“He was a big, big part of it.  A major talent and our primary lyricist, So it was difficult. I would think of myself as more of a melodic type and Roger is more of an aggressive wordsmith. Different sides of us came together to create what we became.”

Water was an important figure to the band as he was responsible for bringing ideas that were revolutionary and profound, but those ideas didn’t have the same grounding structural familiarity with Glamour, so he parted ways.

After the leave of Waters, the band was in commotion as they had no idea how they would face this tackle. They tried to tackle the obstacle with the new technologies, which seemed to prove as a failure for them.

“In the eighties, there was a mass of new technology – new keyboards, synthesizers – and we were keen to make a record of its time,” said Glamour.

The band didn’t want to fall back without the guidance of Waters. They wanted to keep moving on forewards and they eventually released their 13th studio album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason which didn’t turn out to be great.

Prince was the mastermind behind the technologies of that era and he himself stated that; “Technology is cool, but you’ve got to use it as opposed to letting it use you.” This was David’s biggest regret.

Gilmour regrets that for a moment the band went out of their path because they tried for a groundbreaking push.

“We embraced this technology with massive enthusiasm. But it was a fashion and fashions go out of fashion.” Gilmour added: “In the years after the album, there were moments when I thought that we hadn’t followed the timeless template that perhaps we should have done.”

David Gilmour regrets that the themes of the songs were out of track which was put in their respective paths by Polly Samson who became a huge lyrical player for the band.

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