The Rock Icon That Robert Plant Called ‘Younger, Richer And Bolder Brother’

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There are probably tens of thousands of pages worth of material regarding the rock star’s personal life, early career as an artist, and intimate knowledge of his family when one types the name Robert Plant into any search engine. It won’t be long before you find he has just a sister named Allison and no brothers after reading a few notes about the Plant family.

You’ll also realize in a few seconds that our title is not about Robert Plant’s biological sibling but rather a respected colleague in the music industry. The ‘brother’ the singer referred to is neither Jimmy Page nor any of his Led Zeppelin comrades, as is revealed very early in the piece, but rather potentially someone you won’t predict if you were to place a wager.

It was clear that Led Zeppelin had a strong sense of brotherhood when they dispersed into oblivion after deciding that they did not want to continue without John Bonham. The band was at the pinnacle of its fame when the drummer passed away, so it may have been financially advantageous to continue playing even if Plant and the rest of the band chose to honorably decline.

Without nothing to do when his Zeppelin brothers split up, Robert made the decision to enter the studio and succeed at what any musician would do: begin a solo career.

He began doing that, and as it turned out, he was rather talented at it, so his songs went on to become mainstream hits and even timeless masterpieces.

r was releasing songs under the guise of being a “solo artist,” but he was aware that he couldn’t have done it entirely alone, particularly when it came to touring. So, in 1985, while talking about his solo career and live performances, he had to give credit to his live band. As one member stood out the most, the rock legend referred to him as his “younger, richer, and bolder” brother.

It was merely another rock legend, much like Robert, who had assisted the previous leader of Led Zeppelin in adding some boosting drumming to his songs. Phil Collins, who Plant later referred to as one of his closest friends in the industry while admiring his brilliance, was Plant’s honorary and musical brother. According to the musician, Phil was his brother.

He said, “Well, Phil Collins has this sort of yen to be a drummer as well as to be a member of Marillion, so he played [on the] first two albums with me, and he toured America with me in the beginning on that first American tour. A great leveling factor, a great sense of humor, and real honest guy.

I think he is probably my best friend in the whole business; he’s like my younger, richer, bolder brother. I love him very much; his influence and his sort of stabilizing on the tour was very good… [And] important at the beginning of a solo career.”

Collins regarded Plant as his brother and greatest friend in the entire music industry, suggesting that Robert Plant, he went beyond being a basic collaborator. If you’re curious about how Robert spoke so highly of Phil that it almost mirrored Patrick Bateman’s infatuation with Collins in “American Psycho,” click here to learn everything about what an ultimate sigma guy listens to.

As you can see from the moment when Jimmy Page disparaged Phil for the entirety of an entire piece, you can see why the guitar legend loathed the drummer so much. However, not all rockers shared Robert or Patrick’s admiration for Collins.

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