Throwback to When Mick Jagger Insulted Liam Gallagher

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Liam Gallagher has been at the top of the food chain in the ecosystem of Rock. Former frontman of the British rock band Oasis, Liam has been on the radar of many other rockstars too. Throughout the years, he has made pretty big bold statements that have shaken everyone. And it’s not only him sometimes. Among such infamous people is Mick Jagger.

Lead vocalist of the band The Rolling Stones, Jagger is notorious for his countercultural behavior. He was also involved in controversial romantic involvements and drug use. Mick was a different personality and never really involved himself with the similar ways of his rivals in his era.

Back in the 60s, everything was all about Britpop. Manchester, London every major city had its own prominent bands and every year led to the emergence of new bands. Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and many more led the 60s. David Bowie, Lennon, Paul, Jimi, and others led the 70s and 80s. During the 90s Oasis was the one. The most prominent Britpop band in the 90s was all about Oasis. However, Mick in an old interview revealed he has a problem with them.

Mick is not the only one who has talked about Oasis. Even George Harrison and Paul have commented about them. Geroge Harrison said, “The music lacks depth, and the singer Liam is a pain, the rest of the band don’t need him.” While Paul McCartney added, “They’re derivative and they think too much of themselves. They mean nothing to me.”

Mick Jagger’s problem was with Oasis’ live shows. He explained that the lack of movement from Liam Gallagher was a big what. Mick being a rocker himself, has his own standards of Rock n Roll. And in some way, Gallagher doesn’t make it on his list of it. Mick explained that a singer needs to have more emotions, life, and soul in his performance. In a live show, you are supposed to be emotional and not a robot. That’s where Liam Gallagher failed.

Back in the 90s, Mick commented about their album ‘Be Here Now’ which was released in 1997. He commented, “You can’t dance to it, the new album’s impossible.” Again in 2010 in an interview with Absolute Radio, Jagger expressed that the Oasis were a crowd killer. He said, “Well that’s what they do, they don’t move – that doesn’t mean to say they don’t connect – they do connect sometimes, sometimes they’re not always good ways.” Mick also added,

What was that famous story when they were in New York, and they didn’t think the New York audience was loud enough, and they said something like ‘You’re rubbish’ or something, ‘New York, you’re a load of crap’ or something like that – which is not what you do anywhere really, especially in New York.”

Be sure to take a look at one of their live show down below and be a judge yourself.

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