Watch Jimmy Page & David Coverdale’s Finland Interview In 1993

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Coverdale/Page was a band that featured Jimmy Page (ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist) and David Coverdale (ex-Whitesnake and Deep Purple vocalist). When it first began in 1991, the pairing of Page, a legendary guitarist, and Coverdale, who was frequently accused of imitating or ripping off Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant, seemed strange.

Jimmy Page and David Coverdale have a close friendship that dates back to their childhood. They quickly became close friends because they shared a passion for music. They’ve also worked on a number of projects together. They have a great deal of respect for one another and are very supportive of one another’s work. Their friendship exemplifies how two musicians from disparate musical backgrounds can connect and collaborate to create amazing art.

Coverdale and Page answered questions about how they met and the lengths they went to collaborate in a 1993 promotional interview for Finland TV. At the end of the day, the two could say that they had a good time making the album.

Coverdale said, “We really do have a good time together, Which [has] never interfered with work. We’re both extremely conscientious professionals, and once again, I think throughout as now, neither one of us want to let aside down.”

Before all this, In 1991 both of them had launched a project with a bunch of recordings. After writing the songs for the self-titled album, they were recorded across the Atlantic in the winter of 1991-1992. The record, on the other hand, was held up in post-production for nearly a year before being released in March 1993.

The album is clearly steeped in blues (the tracks feature a clever combination of harmonica and guitar), but the production is more open than Page’s work from the 1970s, allowing each instrument to shine more. The album is a welcome departure from their later work’s overwrought instrumentals, but Coverdale had to justify his presence as more than just a Robert Plant stand-in.

He explained, “Comparisons are inevitable, You have David Coverdale and Jimmy Page working together; then there are bound to be similarities to former works because that’s who we are.”

Regardless of how much criticism the two had received for their collaboration, Page appeared unfazed. When Page became increasingly frustrated with his lack of inspiration, and Coverdale was tired of being the face of Whitesnake, the two decided to get together. The two musicians collaborated after a mutual friend suggested it, resulting in the album Coverdale-Page.

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