When Ringo Starr Inspired A Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Member to Get Sober

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Ringo Starr struggled with addiction after the Beatles’ breakup. He had problems with alcohol and drugs even while growing up, but it became a big problem after the band’s breaking. He lost three of his closest friends. In the years since The Beatles chose to disband the group in 1970, Ringo Starr has been outspoken about his sorrow and unhappiness.

His problems with addiction were known to Paul and his other peers but they were afraid to talk about it. Even Ringo himself was aware of his situation. He lived and partied very hard. After realizing his addiction problem, he changed himself and has been sober since 1988. Not only that he also inspired another fellow rockstar to get sober.

That Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is Dr. John. All-Starr Band has been an essential part of Ringo’s life. After the Beatles broke up, Starr created the band and continued his journey in the rock world. This was a very important part of his life. The first ever All-Starr Band Tour was in 1989 and Ringo tested his sobriety right then. He even passed the test though many other musicians didn’t pass the test.

Seems like one of the five musicians was Dr. John who was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. About it, he said, “I got inspired to actually get myself clean off of drugs. Touring with Ringo, all little weird things happened when I made a decision toward [getting sober]. And that was a big thing for me. Ringo really did inspire me to get clean. So December 17 of that year, that’s the day I got clean. That’s the day I celebrate my birthday now.”

Ringo Starr, a former Beatle, and singer is the drummer and lead vocalist of the revolving musical ensemble known as The All-Starr Band. Starr would frequently perform his own songs as well as those of his old comrades from The Beatles at an All-Starr Band concert. Joe Walsh, Levon Helm, Billy Preston, Mark Farner, Eric Carmen, Todd Rundgren, Dr. John, and other artists have all played with the All-Starr Band. The first All-Starr Band tour would have been in shambles if Ringo had not remained sober, but his consistency was there, and it was one big factor that inspired Dr. John to follow Ringo.

Dr. John was never a full-time member of the band but made a guest appearance at a show on the 2008 tour. Dr. John passed away in 2019, but the way Ringo Starr inspired him to get off drugs and be sober was a big thing that he would never forget.

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