Why Other Guitarist Love To Hate On Eric Clapton

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Due to his distinctive and influential guitar-playing style, his capacity to create and perform popular songs, and his associations with other accomplished musicians, Eric Clapton has enjoyed a lengthy and fruitful career. As a solo performer and as a part of the bands Cream and The Yardbirds, he has received three inductions into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As he is frequently mentioned as one of the guitar idols of the younger generation, he has gained significant influence on them. But in terms of personality? It’s entirely different. The famed guitarist’s personal life garners interest in the same way that his musical career does. As one of the most well-known rock artists in the world, every comment he makes in interviews or performances sparks debate, which eventually makes other musicians avoid him.

While many people appreciated the artist for his endeavors in the music industry, others claimed that he was difficult to get along with. In real life, they would characterize Clapton as cocky and disagreeable.

They loathed Clapton for many reasons, including his prejudice toward non-white people. In the 1970s, Eric Clapton gained notoriety for endorsing the “Keep Britain White” campaign, in which he pushed people of color to leave the nation. Since then, Clapton has regretted expressing all of those things, but the harm has already been done. This inspired the populace to start an anti-racist campaign.

Eric Clapton was called a racist for speaking out against the rising immigration during a concert in Birmingham while under the influence of alcohol.

He also abuses women, especially when intoxicated. In addition, he stirred up further controversy when he said that he doesn’t want to play on a stage if the audience is segregated into two groups based on whether or not they have had vaccinations. He co-wrote the anti-vax song “Stand and Deliver” with Van Morrison, which was met with a ferocious outcry from those who are actively attempting to destroy Covid-19. He hasn’t offered any further commentary since then.

According to his fans, he has also distanced himself from the talented musician he once was, which has altered public perception of his artistic ability. Clapton is merely evidence that having a terrible personality doesn’t excuse you from being famous for your work. There aren’t many guitarists complimenting his demeanor, apparently, since he’s not the most popular artist to be around and communicate with interpersonally.


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