Adam Lambert On Getting Tired Of Performing With Queen

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Advocate recently spoke with Adam Lambert about his work, the community, Queen, and other topics. If he ever gets weary of playing with the band, someone questioned him. The frontman’s response was succinct and direct:

“Oh not all. Queen is about lifting people up, and the audience goes through the roof at every concert as we perform those classic big hits. It never gets old, and it’s an honor to keep Freddie’s music alive. And I just love seeing the guys like Brian [May] and Roger [Taylor] light up when we’re performing. The whole experience is awesome.”

Adam Lambert and the guitarist Brian May are on the same page. He appears to have regained his health since suffering a heart attack in 2020, and despite being knighted by King Charles, he still looks forward to traveling. He stated:

“(Queen are) thinking about touring, I can say that. I’m hoping I stay in good health — at the moment I seem to be in pretty good health, which is always great. It’s not been an easy road and there’s been times I thought I would never do it again. But we all seem to be OK so we’re looking at doing some touring, and of course, we tour at the top level and it’s very high energy and high demand on your fitness. If we don’t go out until October or whatever I’ll be working on my fitness from now on.”

Adam Lambert, who has been performing with Queen since 2011, is getting ready for their upcoming North American tour, which will begin on October 4. Along with the tour, the musician also appeared in his debut movie, Fairyland, which had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

Following the release of his latest album, High Drama, Lambert is now launching a nail polish line with ORLY with the same name. The collection’s sales go to Stand With Trans, a nonprofit that offers vital assistance to transgender children and families.


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