Alex Lifeson Names The Most Difficult Rush Song To Play

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In a recent conversation with Ultimate Guitar, Alex Lifeson, the renowned guitarist of Rush, opened up about his latest amplifier series, tribute events, and the complexities of Rush’s music. When quizzed about the most demanding song they’ve ever performed, Lifeson humorously suggested that all their tracks were challenging, but singled out ‘Natural Science’ as particularly intricate. He reminisced about the countless takes in the studio to achieve perfection, highlighting the arduous nature of mastering that song.

Rush, formed in 1968, enjoyed a stellar run until the retirement and subsequent loss of their drummer Neil Peart in 2020, a turning point that profoundly impacted the band’s identity. The band, known for their extensive touring, halted their tours in 2015, after four decades on the road. Lifeson, reflecting on these times, expressed a clear disinterest in touring again, either with Rush or in any other format.

However, the topic of reuniting with bandmate Geddy Lee for new music remains uncertain. Lifeson conveyed a sense of openness to the idea, mentioning that Lee often casually suggests getting together to jam. Yet, due to their busy schedules, this plan remains tentative. Lifeson remains unsure of what such a reunion might bring, whether it would reignite their old spark or lead to something entirely new, leaving the possibility open-ended.

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