Chris Shiflett Clarifies The Great Misconception About Foo Fighters

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Chris Shiflett, the guitarist of Foo Fighters, recently discussed the band’s popular fan collaborations in an interview.

He mentioned that none of the collaborations were ever rehearsed and that the spontaneity of the collaborations is what makes them special.

Shiflett highlighted his favorite types of collaborations, which are the ones that are unexpected and result in a “crazy fail.” He specifically mentioned the collaboration with the ‘KISS Guy’ and the ‘Metallica kid’ as two of the most memorable collaborations.

The ‘KISS Guy’ collaboration occurred during a concert in Austin, Texas, where Yayo Sanchez joined the band on stage to play ‘Monkeywrench.’

The ‘Metallica kid’ collaboration took place during a concert where a 10-year-old boy named Collier Cash played various songs from Metallica, and Dave Grohl gifted him his guitar.

Shiflett also talked about the band’s collaboration with Rick Astley on ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’ He described it as a “rad” experience and praised Astley for being “super cool.”

The band is currently on tour and will continue to perform until June 27, 2024, with their next performance scheduled for September 9 in Colorado.

Overall, collaborations with fans have become a popular aspect of Foo Fighters’ concerts, and their spontaneity and unpredictability make them memorable experiences for both the band and their fans.

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