Christine McVie’s Sad Prediction About Her Last Album

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Christine McVie continues to win hearts around the globe with her poetry on the pleasures and pains of love. McVie, a singer, lyricist, and keyboardist is best known for being a former Fleetwood Mac member. When it comes to her contribution to the success of Fleetwood Mac, her ability to write songs filled with such emotions is enough to justify that.

She sang some of the band’s best-known songs, such as “Say You Love Me”, “Don’t Stop”, and “You Make Loving Fun”. She had a warm, rich vocal which bought depth and texture to the band’s sound. Also, Her keyboard skills contributed significantly to the distinctive Fleetwood Mac sound. Her inclusion in the ensemble gave them the freedom to experiment with a larger variety of musical genres and elevate their sound.

Prior to joining Fleetwood Mac in 1970, McVie began her musical career by performing with Chicken Shack and later blues guitarist Spencer Davis. She stayed in Fleetwood Mac for 15 years, left the band in 1995, and released her first solo album.

When she passed away last year, it was shocking news to everyone. She was here and now gone leaving behind her music. When she left the band in 1995, it was all due to creative challenges and to live an ordinary simple life away from the limelight.

Before she passed away, she had talked about her latest release, ‘Songbird’. In her solo career, she released three albums. Her new release was a collection of material drawn from her previous albums. She also had an interview with Uncut in May where she talked about it. The singer said she would be up for reuniting the band if there were ever a call for it. She foretold during the talk what her final creative endeavor would be before she passed away in November.

McVie had also said that she would be okay with ‘Songbird’ being her ‘swansong’. And she was right about it, it became her last material before her passing. She was a key factor that contributed to the success of Fleetwood Mac. The band’s ability to write catchy songs and be versatile like McVie was a major factor in their success.

McVie was honored by many people who are involved in the music business. Stevie Nicks, her sister-in-arms, couldn’t make it in time but nevertheless left a heartfelt tribute on social media. Many musicians like Marc Maron, Duran Duran’s John Taylor, Sheryl Crow, and even former president Bill Clinton expressed their love for her McVie.

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