Dave Grohl’s Plan To Make Stevie Nicks Relatable

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With time, everything moves forward. What looked like a remarkable achievement years ago, means nothing today. In the world of music, it’s the same. Everything everywhere is a competition in today’s world. Everyone is inclined towards making change and making a name. Some genre that was very popular two decades ago has now faded into the dark. The very reason, one should feel the moment when he/she can.

Stevie Nicks has always been known as a member of Fleetwood Mac. Her vocals and image had a major influence on many female stars and musicians. She had a very successful career both in the band and as a solo artist. But, there were times, she crumbled apart because she considered herself a fading star.

Stevie has had a very successful career even as a solo artist. But when she released her 2011 album ‘In Your Dreams’, she had a different take on her craft. The album featured contributions from other musicians like Mick Fleetwood, Ed Sheeran, and Waddy Wachtel. It was also successful and debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 chart. She had committed herself to her album.

Even though it debuted at number six on the chart, she was not pleased with the record’s success. She released it was only short-lived. Stevie also had footage from her recording process, but her bitterness didn’t let those footages thrive. That’s when Dave Grohl came up front and supported her.

In her hard time, Dave showed up. During such a difficult period in her life, she explained everything to Dave. Learning about the situation, Dave advised her to continue working on the footage, and turn it into a documentary. Stevie followed his suggestion and called Stewart to work on the film. They worked on the captured footage for five months and released it on December 3, 2013. It was called ‘Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams’.

Talking about it with Ultimate Classic Rock in 2014 she explained the process. “At the very beginning of 2012, that’s when I went to do some crazy shows and also do my interview with Dave Grohl. I said, ‘If you know, I’m just heartsick today because my record is dead. I’ve been on tour all year and on every TV show known to man. You know, I’ve done 5000 interviews, in person, by phone, or as you name it; I’ve done it. And I’m so disillusioned with the music business.”

She was having a hard time understanding why she failed. But Dave had a different idea. Nicks said, “He said, ‘Did you film it?’ I said, ‘Yes, we did film it. It was the best year of my life. We filmed it.’ He’s like, ‘Is it done?’ and I’m like, ‘No, it’s not edited. It’s edited down to three hours.’ He said, ‘Go home, call Dave Stewart, and say ‘Dave, come here tomorrow; we have to talk about this. Put it out because it’s the only way ‘In Your Dreams’ will get a second run for its money.’”

Stevie then reflected on what he had to say. Then, she did her work. She followed his advice. Stevie said, she went home, called Dave, and said ‘Dave if we wait any longer, this whole thing will not be relevant. We’re going to wait too long. It will be too long between when we did it and the record. We’re going to put out this film 500 years later!’. Then, she started.

That’s when she talked about the makings of the documentary. She explained.

“We worked, we worked all; we started probably in March-April, and we worked off and on, all the way through the summer and into the fall, with the two big editing screens. And I edited it with his editor, Shane. So, with Shane and my assistant Karen, we edited it from three hours to an hour forty. That took five months. It was very hard to do.”

That’s how things worked out for Stevie Nicks. Dave gave her the support and words she needed to continue her work. Thanks to Grohl, she could complete her work. They have been friends for a long time now. They also performed together in 2009 during the 25th anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert and several other occasions.

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