David Crosby’s bizarre UFO theory

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David Crosby, who passed away recently, was a legendary folk musician. At the height of his wild days, he was apprehended by cops freebasing cocaine behind a Dallas nightclub while holding a propane tank, a brown bottle, and a.45-caliber semiautomatic rifle. He was detained and given a five-year prison term. It was a gloomy area more often associated with punk rock stars than with lovely songbirds that sing with the dulcet tones of an old dogeared guitar.

Fortunately, David Crosby was able to get over these difficult times and lead a more moral life in his later years. He was always, nonetheless, free enough to speak up for his really odd opinions. One of them had to do with his unwavering conviction that peace must first be attained before space exploration, no matter the cost.

David Crosby once tweeted, “We need to go find out what’s out there. It’s our destiny… if we are smart enough.”

He gushed enthusiastically when Sonic Breadcrumbs questioned him about it: “Now, I don’t believe in many laws. I don’t obey many laws, but the law of averages I pay very strict attention to it because it works out to be true.” He added, “The law of averages tells me that you can’t have that many opportunities and have us be the only time intelligent life developed. That’s just not working. Too many opportunities. They’re out there. I guarantee you, there are other intelligences out there now. Right now. It’s just too many chances. It can’t be any other way.”

Beyond his concept of life in the cosmos, David Crosby has a hypothesis that some of that life may have visited us. This is a degree of confidence that Crosby often exclusively saved for his character references for Neil Young. He made this statement in reference to newly released UFO claims. “They are real, man, What I think is that they were here a long time ago. They took a look at us a long time ago and classified us as babies and said, ‘The infant race over here might turn out.’ And quarantined us.”

He compares this alien strategy to the way human anthropologists approach some uncontacted tribes on Earth, where we watch but stubbornly try to avoid contact in order to preserve their lifestyle’s (and immunological vulnerability’s) basic purity. David Crosby said, “There was a bunch of people in, I think, Borneo that were still stone age. They were A tribe that they found that was still stone age. They quarantined them. They said, ‘You can’t take metal in there. They’re too good an anthropological treasure. You can’t f*** it up.’ So, they quarantined them. I think that’s what they did to us.”

He added, “They said, ‘This is a baby race. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re still killing each other.’ And they go, ‘I think you have to invent a good enough tribe to get you out into space. And then you have to stop killing each other before we’ll actually have anything to do with you.’ I think they’ve been here many times. I think some of them were probably poachers and probably some of them were park rangers, casing the poachers.”

Therefore, should we ever discover the techniques of these extraterrestrial poachers and park guards, we must first establish peace among ourselves as a species before enlisting Jeff Bezos or another person to investigate how the galaxy is networked. Due to the fact that, as David Crosby says, “I think they’re definitely out there. I think they probably have been here.”





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