Freddie Mercury Reigns As The Greatest Rock Singer, Surpassing Dio And Plant

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Planet Rock listeners have voted the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury as the greatest rock singer of all time.

In a recent poll, Planet Rock listeners voted for their favorite rock vocalists. This poll followed previous ones like The 50 Greatest Rock Albums and The Greatest Guitar Solos. The open poll received 8,627 votes, allowing any rock singer in history to be included.

Ranking of Other Singers

On Bank Holiday Monday, hosts Wyatt and Murray J. revealed the Top 50 Greatest Rock Singers of All Time over a five-hour countdown. Freddie Mercury was crowned the greatest rock singer of all time, securing 13.4% of the votes. Ronnie James Dio came in second, just 255 votes behind, with 10.5%.

Other top singers included Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, Myles Kennedy, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, Chris Cornell, and David Coverdale. Ann Wilson from Heart was the highest-ranking female singer at Number 8, with Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, and Lzzy Hale also making it into the Top 50.

Singers like David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Joe Elliott, Paul Stanley, Alex Harvey, Jim Morrison, and John Fogerty received votes but didn’t make the Top 50.

Freddie Mercury’s talent is widely recognized. Scientific evidence supports his status as one of the greatest rock singers. Researchers have found that he had a unique four-octave vocal range. He used a rare technique called ‘subharmonics,’ and his vocal cords moved faster than average, creating a vibrato more impressive than even Pavarotti’s.

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