Dave Grohl says Liam Gallagher is “One of the last remaining rock star”

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Recently, Liam Gallagher released “Everything’s Electric”, a teaser from his anticipated solo album, ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’, dropping on 27 May.

A successor to his 2019’s ‘Why Me? Why Not’, the track saw Grohl’s creative input and drumming prowess, complemented by Greg Kurstin’s production magic.

In a chit-chat with NME, while promoting Foo Fighters’ film ‘Studio 666’, Grohl couldn’t contain his admiration for Gallagher, revealing insights into their collaboration.

“Though we couldn’t connect in person, every moment with Liam feels electric. Like dropping the needle on a favorite record, he’s just that impactful. Beyond his stellar voice, he embodies the essence of rock, truly one of a kind.”

Elaborating, Dave Grohl said, “Working with Greg Kurstin, we were aiming for a rhythm that echoed ‘Sabotage’ by Beastie Boys. I delivered, and the song? It’s a hit. Caught myself jamming to it the other evening.”

Gallagher and Grohl’s camaraderie traces back to shared tours between Foo Fighters and Oasis. Speculation of a collaborative project had been rife ever since.

Diving deeper in an NME segment, Gallagher revealed that while Grohl sent him a track for the first time, Grohl’s fellow musician, Taylor Hawkins, shares compositions “regularly”.

However, Grohl’s pure rock’n’roll vibe stood out, whereas he felt Hawkins’ offerings were “a tad unconventional”.

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