October 2022


It is known to all that David Gilmour is the frontman of the popular rock band Pink Floyd. Although he is not the founding member, he now is the key member of the band. As per the reports, Gilmour was a school friend of Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. He was invited to join Pink Floyd in 1967 and shortly after he joined, he replaced Barrett the original singer and the frontman of the band.

Well, the band continued to shine for decades and more together, however, the creative differences between Gilmour and Waters affected them and later Waters left the band. After Waters left, it was obvious that they were going to have various difficulties, he was the bassist and co-lead vocalist of the band.

And Gilmour once talked about their hardship after Waters walked off from Pink Floyd. So what obstacles did they face? we will answer this question and more importantly, we will be talking about the only time Gilmour saw Pink Floyd perform live. Well, that is impossible, some might think, and considering the fact that he is the lead vocalist it is really hard to swallow however, he revealed how he saw his band’s live performance, and here you will find out how.

The only time David Gilmour saw Pink Floyd perform live

Before we jump to the Gilmour saw Pink Floyd perform live, let’s discuss what obstacles they had to face right after Roger Waters left the band. Gilmour appeared in the second episode of The Lost Art Of Conversation where he told that they had it rough going back on a tour after Waters left.

During their rehearsal, Gilmour was frustrated because obviously as a band member, they could only perform and could not be in the audience simultaneously, and on top of that Gilmour had to play guitar and sing. And sometimes they would be out of sync.

Well, it is truly sad that Gilmour and Waters could not work out together but even though many people complain about Roger leaving the band, we believe in a saying, everything happens for a reason and surely enough if Waters had not left the band we probably would not have chance to hear his solo masterpieces and he is quite successful even as a solo artist.

Moreover, Gilmour also shared his experience about the only time he saw Pink Floyd perform live. Talking about the band he said that as a band member they never get to see from the audience’s view. However, back in 1977 at Montreal stadium, Gilmour got the opportunity to experience his band’s live performance and see from the audience’s view.

Gilmour revealed, “The only time I’ve ever seen Pink Floyd live was the encore in Montreal stadium in 1977 – the last gig of the Animals tour, the one that Roger spat on someone at, I think. I was so pissed off about something, and I can’t even remember what it was, that I refused to play the encore, and went out to the mixing desk to watch whatever encore it was, with Snowy [White] playing [my] parts. That was the only moment I saw a tiny bit.”

Well, one thing is certain Gilmour is one of the very few people who got to experience his own band’s live performance.

Certainly, Gilmour is one legendary musician, he is the face of Pink Floyd, has been listed as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and has inspired millions through his music. Gilmour is now 76 years old and it is a bit sad to see our idols getting old however, he is still rocking and we hope to see him tour even if it’s for the one last time.

The Rolling Stones is an iconic band itself and with the band, Charlie Watts also earned his name. He joined the band back in January 1963 and helped the band to rise to the top. There is no doubt that Watts raised the bars of the Rolling Stones’ music. He not only helped his band become better but also inspired many other music artists.

Furthermore, Charlie was one of the most talented musicians out there whose name was even listed as one of the greatest drummers of all time. However, Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason still thinks that Watts was the most underrated drummer.

Watts passed away back on August 24, 2021, he was 80 years old at the time of his death. And according to Watts’ bandmate Keith Richards, Watts was battling throat cancer since 2004. And certainly, many music artists including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and many others paid tribute to the late drummer. One of the musicians who paid tribute to Watts was Nick Mason who as mentioned said that Watts was underrated.

Nick Mason explains what made Charlie Watts special

After his death obviously, his bandmates also paid him tribute, in fact, they even placed Watts’ picture for straight ten days on the official website of the Rolling Stones. And just like many other musicians Nick Mason also twitted about Watts.

He wrote, “So sad to lose Charlie. Possibly the most underrated of all the great rock’n’roll drummers. No master classes or tutorial books, no solos, or fancy gymnastics, just exactly the right feel for the music. RIP Charlie. Thanks for what you’ve given to so many of us who have learned from you.”

Furthermore, Mason also appeared in The Coda Collection where he talked more about Watts. He said, “I didn’t know Charlie well, at all, but I knew him a bit, he was absolutely delightful character and I just wanted to say something about what he provided, I suppose, to the band. Because one can get sort of a bit carried away with technique, particularly with drums in a way. No, actually all instruments, how fast can you play that arpeggio, whatever it is.” He further added, “I don’t think Charlie ever did a drum solo with the Stones. That says quite a lot, I think, because it wasn’t necessary. What really mattered was to keep that groove going for the band.”

It is pretty clear that Mason was also inspired by Charlie after all he still thinks that Watts is underrated although he is considered one of the greatest. However, we like to remind Mason that he is also a pretty good drummer. And he also remains one of the iconic drummers from the 70s.

Although it seems that many people don’t think that Mason is great or overlook him but he once you notice, you will realize that Nick is really a great drummer. Furthermore, he was also the mastermind behind Pink Floyd’s most popular tracks including Echoes. He is the only Pink Floyd member who is featured on each album and he is also the only persistent member of the band. And certainly, no mediocre drummer would last this long that too on one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Moreover, talking about Charlie, he will be appearing in the Rolling Stones’ new album. This news was confirmed by the band’s member Ronnie Wood. He told The Sun, “We are recording the new album now and we are going to LA in a few weeks to carry it on and finish it off. Charlie is on some of the tracks, and drummer Steve Jordan.”

Well, whatever it is we are eager to hear Charlie one last time. It has already been a year since he died however, it is clear that his legacy will remain forever and the fact that we are still talking about him is strong proof of that.

I will give a hint and you guys have to guess who I am talking about, who is the guitarist that comes when someone mentions school uniform? I know that every one of you guessed it right, it is none other than Angus Young. Well, first of all, he is the only guitarist who wears a school uniform, and secondly, he not only is known for being a co-founder or guitarist of the rock band AC/DC but he is also famous for his uniform.

Angus and his brother founded AC/DC back in 1973 and clearly, it is one of the most popular and legendary rock bands of all time. Furthermore, we all are well aware of the struggles Angus and his brother Malcolm had before success embraced them.

With all the success and fame they have, it might seem that Angus does not have any regret about his band AC/DC so far. However, does he really not have any regret about the band? well, it seems that he does not have any regret about the band but he does regret the band’s track called “Love Song.” Now the question arises what did he regret about the song? that is what we will find out in this article.

Angus Young’s regret on AC/DC’s Love Song

Love Song is a track from AC/DC’s first studio album High Voltage and it was released back on April 30, 1976. It was their first album so it is pretty obvious that they were not recognized much. Furthermore, this song is not much popular even today.

Back in 2017, Angus was in an interview with the Vulture where he revealed, “I didn’t know if we were trying to parody love songs of the time, because Bon [Scott, the band’s then-vocalist] wrote the lyrics. I don’t even remember what the words are.”

As mentioned they were not much popular at the time so they wanted to get airplay which is the sole reason why they made this song. Young admitted, “I remember that song because the guy who worked for us at our record label told us that’s what was on the local radio at the time – very soft music. His thought we should release that song, because it’ll probably get some airplay. I remember thinking, ‘Who in their right mind would want this to go out?”

However, radio stations that knew the band did not play that song but they would play other songs from the band. Talking about this Young further said, “We were very fortunate, though, because all of the radio stations who had seen us live knew this was not who we were. So these stations started to flip the record over and play the other song, which was a cover of a blues standard called ‘Baby, Please Don’t Go’. We actually scored a hit from the B-side. That was the one saving grace of the song.”

If you love AC/DC for who they are (hard rock band) then you might be thankful that the radio stations did not play their Love Song because that is the reason they could become what they truly are. Because if that song would have aired and been popular then AC/DC might not have been the one we know today instead they might have been a soft rock band instead of hard.

And although the song itself is not band, it is still not the taste of AC/DC so Angus’ regret or frustration over this song is pretty reasonable. After all, they are known and popular for their hardcore rock music. Their songs like T.N.T, Thunderstruck, Black in Black, Highway to Hell, and others songs are globally popular and they are not only famous but an anthem of AC/DC.

Who do you think is the most iconic singer and songwriter? well, surely there are many artists who are listed as the most iconic or the greatest, however, two of the names that will come up front are John Lennon and Bob Dylan. Both of these artists are from the 1960s and they both have a big hand in changing the music industry for good.

Furthermore, we can also find something similar in their songwriting; they both are inspirations to many artists. In fact, Dylan even inspired Lennon to write certain tracks. Furthermore, Lennon’s band The Beatles has various songs that are inspired by various musicians.

They were not afraid to get inspired to write songs by others. Maybe it helped them become the greatest band of all time with 183 million units of certified sales. As mentioned, Lennon was not afraid to embrace other artists’ styles however, Dylan did not like Lennon embracing his style which is why he even alerted Lennon.

And Lennon has even confessed about the song. So what did he say? and first of all what song are we talking about? find out these answers below in the article.

John Lennon’s confession about Bob Dylan

Before we start and reveal the song, why don’t you guess what song it is? well, now that you have guessed, the song that Lennon was inspired to write by Dylan is “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.” This song is from the Beatles’ fifth studio album Help! which was released on August 6, 1965.

This album was really popular and the song Yesterday from the album also happens to be the most covered song of all time. It is the only song that has over 1,600 recorded covers. Other than this song the title song Help is also quite popular from this album.

However, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away is a song that Lennon wrote in Dylan’s style. Back in 1980, talking to Playboy he said, “That’s me in my Dylan period again, I am like a chameleon, influenced by whatever is going on. If Elvis can do it, I can do it. If the Everly Brothers can do it, Paul and I can. Same with Dylan.”

He has talked about the song on more than one occasion and has further said that this is a sad song that you sing to yourself. He further said that he started to feel like a loser and he started writing. Moreover, he said further said, “I think it was Dylan who helped me realize that – not by any discussion or anything, but by hearing his work.”

Although Lennon has inspired by Dylan, it does not seem that Dylan was ever inspired by Lennon because we can’t hear anything Lennon liked in Dylan’s tracks, however, we can be sure that Lennon was really inspired by Dylan because the mentioned track is not the only song that was inspired by Dylan.

After their album Help! they released their new album Rubber Soul on December 3, 1965, which included the song, “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).” And it was also the song that was inspired by Dylan. In fact, Dylan even mentioned that he felt he owned that song.

He later released a song named “4th Time Around” and it is believed that Dylan created this song as a satire or warning for Lennon to not copy or write in his style. And it seems true that the song was a satire because it sounds really similar to Norwegian Wood.

Furthermore, it sounds so similar that Dylan’s friend and fellow musician was a bit concerned that the Beatles will sue Dylan.

The late English musician Charlie Watts is one of the biggest names in the music world. And it is not surprising at all because he was the drummer of the legendary rock band the Rolling Stones. According to an American music journalist Rob Sheffield, Watts was rock’s ultimate drum god. This means that he was a really important member of the band as he made the Rolling Stones’ music more alive than it already was and clearly he also had a big hand in making the Rolling Stones one of the most popular and iconic bands of all time.

And band members knew how valuable Watts was to them which is why Keith Richards said that Watts gives him the liberty to fly on stage. We have already mentioned that Watts is one of the greatest and even if you’re the greatest there is someone’s skill that you really admire, so does Watts have any drummers who he liked or said his favorite?

Well, there is not one but Charlie has mentioned several drummers as his favorite, and certainly, we will be discussing it further in the article.

Who are Charlie Watts’ favorite drummers?

As mentioned Watts has mentioned some of his favorite drummers of all time including Max Roach, Jerry Allison, Joe Morello, Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich, and more. So what did he say about these drummers? we will also discuss this in this piece.

Jerry Allison

jerry allison

If you don’t who Jerry Allison is then how about The Crickets? they were the American rock band from the late 1950s and your guess is correct, Allison was the drummer of the band. His name may not come in the list of greatest drummers however, he is one of Charlie’s favorite drummers.

Furthermore, while talking to Modern Drummer Watts said that Allison’s brilliant. He said, “Another drummer who’s quite brilliant is Jerry Allison, He doesn’t really play the drums—he plays the songs, and that is really more important within the context of that music.”

Max Roach

Some of you might not know who Max is well, he was a Jazz drummer from the 50s. However, if you are a drum guy yourself then you must know who he is because Roach is one of the important figures in the drumming community. Moreover, he has worked with many musicians including Duke Ellington. And he also played with McCoy Tyner’s band, where Watts happened to see him.

Watts said that he saw him with Tyner’s band when they were at Carnegie Hall and he said that his drumming skills were lovely. Furthermore, Watts said, “He’s [Max Roach] incredible. He just starts off playing ‘boom dit, boom dit.’ And he builds that up. Quite brilliant.”

Buddy Rich

Rich is one of the most legendary as well as inspirational drummers of all time. Although we are talking about drummers, he was also a great songwriter. Well, there is not much to say about Rich because he is the greatest, what more could we say?

Well, let’s hear what Watts had to say, he said, “He’s an incredible man, isn’t he? The history of that guy is amazing, some of the introductions he plays are sort of ridiculous, really, and he’s only using two drums! That’s not all he’s got, but he just uses two. I just listen to Buddy’s music. I can’t copy that. I think you get to a point where you watch something just to enjoy it.”

He further said, “Oh, he’s the most wonderful drummer.’ I think the whole lot is what’s more enjoyable.”

Elvin Jones

Jones is another greatest drummers who started his career in 1949. And an interesting thing is that Charlie was often compared to Jones. And sometime after Jones’ death, Watts even paid a tribute by recording a song with American drummer Jim Keltner. The song is called The Elvin Suite and it was released back in 2000.

Joe Morello

Morello is also another Jazz drummer who was popular for his involvement in the music of Dave Brubeck as a drummer. He is considered unique as well as one of the greatest drum players of all time. Watts also talked about Morello and said, “Joe Morello is the first guy I saw that was the prettiest player I’d ever seen in my life, Joe Morello as a drummer—apart from being quite brilliant—his style was something else to look at. I used to sit and watch him just to see his hands.”

Micky Waller

Waller was a great English drummer who used to play with many popular artists including Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. However, Watts himself never said that he loved Waller or was one of his favorites but it was Pete Sears who said that Waller was one of Watts’ favorite drummers.

Sears said, “Micky Waller was one of Charlie Watts’ favorite drummers. They were really close.” Well, it might be very true because Sears was also a close friend of Watts.

Furthermore, according to Charlie Watts and Chet Falzerano’s book “Charlie Watts’ Favorite Drummers,” there are several more drummers who are said to be Watts’ favorites including Art Taylor, Tony Williams, Chico Hamilton, Art Blakey, Big Sid Catlett, Papa Jo Jones, Ginger Baker, and more.

Let me ask you this, who do you think is the greatest band ever? Well, some of you may say the Beatles or Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or any other band however, there will also be some that will say the Rolling Stones. Well, that is because they are considered one of the greatest and most iconic bands of all time. So how many fans does this band have? conspiring the fact that they were rivals of the Beatles, it is not hard to believe that they have a crazy fan following worldwide.

With all this success, it is a wish or dream of many to be a part of this band, however, it is quite interesting as much as it is shocking that Bill Wyman does not think like that. Maybe that is because he was part of the band for decades. He first joined the band back in 1962 however, after performing with the band for three long decades he decided to leave the band in 1993.

So how did his bandmates react to his decision? why did he even want to leave the band in the first place? and lastly, does he regret his decision to leave or not rejoin the band? find the answer further in the article.

Does Bill Wyman regret leaving the Rolling Stones?

It might seem an absurd or crazy decision to us but let’s just think about it. Wyman spend over thirty years with the band before finally deciding to leave so he must have put a lot of thought before making his decision to quit. So I ask you, what are the odds of Wyman having regret? you are absolutely right, none.

And that is true he doesn’t have any regret about leaving the band or not rejoining them. When asked if he regrets not rejoining the band he said, “Have I had any regrets about not going back? None whatsoever.”

So how did the other band members react to his decision? well, his bandmates did not like the decision at all. He even revealed that after leaving the band it took him months to rebuild his relationship with them. He said, “When I first left the Stones it took a few months to rebuild that relationship with them. It was quite stressful and they didn’t want me to leave. So they became bitchy. Instead of being nice and saying: ‘Great 30 years. Cheers mate.”

He further said that Mick Jagger would rub salt in the wound with his attitude. Wyman continued, “Mick would say the most absurd, stupid things, with that spoilt attitude he had. He’d say things like: ‘Oh well, if anybody has to play bass I’ll do it. It can’t be that hard.” Furthermore, he also talked about how Keith Richards responded to his decision, he remembered what Keith said, “No one leaves this band unless they’re in a wooden box.”

Wyman says that Mick and Charlie Watts would often call him and ask if he was really leaving or if he had re-thought his decision. He said that they opened the gate two years for him. However, the Rolling Stones were about to have their 94/’95 tour so they needed a bassist, so they had to get a new bassist, and finally, they got one. Wyman was then replaced by Darryl Jones.

Now move on to the next question, why did Wyman decide to leave the band? well, he was asked why he left the band and he said that he was frustrated because there was always pressure with the band. As mentioned above, the Rolling Stones were one of the biggest names and it still is so they had pressure to make new albums or songs better than the ones before. He also said that it would take them a month to practice all the songs when they would go on a tour.

So how is his relationship with them now? do they still have some hard feelings? that does not seem to be the case because he said that it took him months to make things work with them. Furthermore, now he told Louder Sound that Richards sends him scented candles at Christmas. And they all send gifts to each other on birthdays and at Christmas. He says that they still are pretty much like a family.

We all are well aware that the 60s was a really great era for rock music and there were also many musicians. And as a result, the competition was natural however, along with competition also came comparison. Fans love to compare various artists today as much as they did in the past. Well, the good thing is comparison and rivalry make them become more creative and make new music.

One of the best examples of rivalry is between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. They were compared to each other and certainly, their rivalry is known to the world. And it is also well-known that their rivalry let them create hit after hit.

However, the thing is we are not going to talk about the Rolling Stones nor are we talking about the Beatles. So what are we discussing in this piece? well, as the topic states, we are here to discuss the only musician that Bob Dylan respects. First of all, Dylan himself is a legend and is considered one of the greatest and most important musicians of the 20th century.

So who is the only musician that Dylan really respects? well, Dylan and the Beatles have always respected and admired one another. Dylan and the Beatles were two of the greatest leading music artists back in the 60s. However, both these artists have vast differences in their styles but that did not stop Dylan from loving and admiring the Beatles co-lead vocalist Paul McCartney.

The only music artist that Bob Dylan admires

There is no comparison between both Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney because they are like flashlights in a dark cave. They are the greatest musicians of all time. They have contributed so much to the music world that they are now listed as legendary artists.

Both of them admire each other however, Dylan says that McCartney is the only music artist whose music astonished him. Back in 2007, Dylan was interviewed by Rolling Stone where he was asked about John Lennon and McCartney and he said,

“They were fantastic singers. Lennon, to this day, it’s hard to find a better singer than Lennon was, or than McCartney was and still is, I’m in awe of McCartney, He’s about the only one that I am in awe of. He can do it all. And he’s never let up… He’s just so damn effortless.” He further said, “He’s got the gift for melody; he’s got the rhythm. He can play any instrument. He can scream and shout as good as anybody, and he can sing the ballad as good as anybody.”

Even though McCartney is one of the most iconic musicians, it was a great thing for him too because he also admires Dylan as much as Dylan admires him. And after getting praised by Dylan he was not going to stay silent. Certainly, he would say something about Dylan too.

And in 2020 when he was talking to Uncut he said that he wished to be more like Dylan. He said, “I always like what he does. Sometimes I wish I was a bit more like Bob. He’s legendary and doesn’t give a sh*t! But I’m not like that. People ask me who I’m a fan of, and Bob Dylan and Neil Young always make the list.”

However, this is not the only time McCartney spoke about Dylan. He has always talked about how much he was influenced or inspired by Dylan. Paul even said once that Dylan is a very few people who make him nervous. He said that he would not know what to say. Although the two of them performed together at Coachella.

So as mentioned above, Dylan really does admires McCartney and was in awe, however, the admiration is mutual because Dylan is one of few people who actually make Paul nervous not to mention he learned and got influenced by Bob a lot.

Who do you think is the most popular band of all time? I bet that we all can agree that the band would be none other than the Beatles. They are the best-selling music artists of all time with 183 million units of certified sales. And the incredible part is that they were not even together for more than fifteen years.

All the band members were super-talented musicians which is the reason they were successful even after starting their solo careers. It was really a shame that they could not work out their differences but if they did then surely they would have rocked the world more than they have today.

It is known to all that Michael Jackson is known as the king of pop, likewise, Elvis Presley is known as the king of rock n roll, however, with their short career together the Beatles are the world’s number one best-selling artist pushing back even Jackson and Presley.

And it is also no secret that all the band members of the Beatles could write and sing however, it was Lennon and McCartney’s partnership that they were this successful. So how did their songwriting process work? McCartney has revealed how they used to write songs sitting together in twin beds.

Paul McCartney reveals how he and John Lennon used to write songs

Well, every musician has their own way of writing songs and so did Lennon and McCartney. After Paul released his solo album Flowers in the Dirt in 1989, he appeared on BBC, and in the interview, he revealed how he and Lennon used to write songs, he said that they would sit together in twin beds either in a hotel or somewhere else.

Paul explained, “There are a million ways to write, but the way I always used to write was with John and it would be across from each other, either in a hotel bedroom on the twin beds, with an acoustic guitar and we’re just looking at each other. He’d make up something, I’d make up something and we’d just spin off each other. The nice thing for me is seeing John there, him being right-handed, me being left-handed, it felt to me like I was looking in a mirror.”

So how did their method of songwriting work out for them? well, Paul says, “Obviously, it was very successful. So that was a way I had learned to write and it was the way I liked to write and Elvis [Costello, his new collaborator] was very happy to work like that. So it was like a repeat of that process, and so he was John, basically, and I was Paul.”

It is unfortunate that we can never get new songs from the duo because Lennon was brutally shot to death on December 8, 1980, at The Dakota Apartments in New York, United States. Apparently, it was Lennon’s crazy fan named Mark David Chapman who murdered him. And he said that the reason why he killed John was because of religious conversion. He did not like Lennon’s statement the Beatles are “more popular than Jesus,” and this statement was given in 1966 more than a decade before his death.

However, that does not mean McCartney has no one to work with. He has collaborated with several musicians including Michael Jackson, Elvis Costello, Martin Glover, Kanye West, as well as with Rihanna. However, McCartney has explained no one could be as good as Lennon. He says that his collaboration or partnership with Lennon was the best thing.

He said, “I know I can never have a better collaborator than John. That is just a fact. So I don’t try and escape it. I just know there’s no way I can find someone now who will write better stuff with me than I wrote with John.”

Well, it is clear from McCartney’s words that the best collaborator he has ever had was Lennon. And as mentioned above it’s a shame that we will never get to hear anything new from this legendary duo. However, if Lennon was still alive and if they had collaborated then they would be breaking record after record because that is what this legendary duo is great at doing.

If you are a true metal fan then there is no way you are not familiar with the name Bruce Dickinson. Well, even if you don’t know by any chance, he is an English musician and he is popular as the lead singer or vocalist of the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He joined the band in 1981 and he along with the band has received many honorable awards including Grammy.

After their 1992, After the Fear of the Dark Tour Dickinson decided to leave the group to focus on his solo music career. He enjoyed his solo career for several years, however, in 1999, seven years after he left the band, he rejoined them and he has been with the band ever since.

Well, those who know Dickinson also know that he had a feud with fellow English heavy metal band Judas Priest’s lead vocalist Rob Halford. Well, if we are to talk about Halford then he is also a legendary metal singer who joined Judas Priest in 1973. And just like Dickinson, a few years after joining the band he quit, and the reason why he quit the band is said to be “miscommunication.” However, he later got back to the band and is an active member of the band.

And today’s topic is Dickinson’s criticism of Halford. In an interview, Dickinson criticized Halford and called him ludicrous. So why did he say it? what is the reason behind their feud? and what did Halford say about the criticism?

Why did Bruce Dickinson call Rob Halford Ludicrous?

Well, back in 2014, Dickinson was in an interview with The Guardian where he commented about singers using teleprompters. He said, “I never realized that people were using autocues, what the f*ck is that all about? People pay good money and you can’t even remember the sodding words.”

He continued, “The daftest one I ever saw was [JUDAS PRIEST‘s] ‘Breaking The Law’. It’s on the f*cking autocue,” Bruce continued. “‘Breaking the law, breaking the law/Breaking the law, breaking the law/Breaking the law, breaking the law/Breaking the law’ — guess what? — ‘breaking the law.’ It’s ludicrous.”

Well as we can see here, Dickinson did not really use Halford’s name but he talked about Breaking The Law, which is a song from Judas Priest’s 1980 album British Steel. So we can understand that Dickinson indeed talked about none other than Halford.

So how did Halford respond to Dickinson’s criticism? well, after a few weeks Halford was asked during his chat with if he had something to say about Dickinson’s comment. He responded to Dickinson’s comment really wisely.

Rob Halford’s response to Dickinson’s comment

As mentioned Halford was asked about Dickinson’s comment and he responded to his comment. It was kind of surprising for the fans because instead of criticizing Dickinson back, Halford said that he really loves him and he is a really good friend. He continued to honor him and said that he is a really good singer.

He said, “Well, the first thing I’ll say about that is Bruce Dickinson is a good mate of mine; I love him to death,” Rob said. “I think he’s an incredible singer, he’s a great showman, he’s in a wonderful band, IRON MAIDEN, who are one of the biggest metal bands in the world. And as far as what people say about each other, I don’t think it really means that much, to be quite honest.”

He further said, “We say whatever we say, depending on the day and the emotion that we’re at. I know Bruce‘s heart is in the right place, and he just said what he said, and that’s all there is to it to comment, in that respect.”

It seems that Halford does not have any hard feelings even after Dickinson criticized him and in that sense, they did not have a beef or feud at all. And the two of them have even performed together well that was before Dickinson’s comment but I think it still counts. However, it did not end there, six years after his criticism, Dickinson once again criticized Halford. Here is what he said,

Bruce Dickinson criticized Rob Halford again

Back in March 2020, Dickinson again brought back the topic and said that he does not use autocue like many other singers. And he again brought the example of Judas Priest’s song Breaking The Law six years after his first criticism. Many believe that he has something against Halford however, we don’t know that for sure, and Dickinson is known to speak his mind but he has not said anything other than the use of autocue.

Well, for the second time Dickinson brought back the topic and said, “I don’t use an autocue on stage. A lot of singers now, they just have the words there: ‘Breaking the law, breaking the law, breaking the law, breaking the law, breaking the law, breaking the law, breaking the law.’ Breaking the what? ‘Breaking the law. Breaking the law.”

There is no response from Rob Halford however, he might still think of Dickinson as his good friend. Although he criticized him for using autocue, he has not questioned his talent. Halford seems to be a wise and humble person because not everyone can stay silent after getting criticized not only once but twice.

He showed his humbleness and wiseness already and even this time he did not give a response which shows his wiseness because as they say silence is sometimes the best answer. And even we as fans don’t want to see them beefing or having a feud. Instead, we want them to get together and collaborate just like they did back when Dickinson rejoined his band, Iron Maiden. Let’s just hope that Dickinson does not criticize Halford anymore than this.

Every one of us is familiar with the name David Gilmour, after all, he is the frontman and the lead vocalist of the popular rock band Pink Floyd. However, he is not only famous for being Pink Floyd’s singer but he is widely known for his wide music knowledge and guitar skills.

If Gilmour did not pursue a music career then Pink Floyd would not be the same in fact Pink Floyd’s fate would have been something else. Well, thank god he was obsessed with music. Certainly, there are many musicians who are inspired or influenced by Gilmour. And there is also Roger Waters who is a long-time rival of Gilmour.

We know that they have one of the music industry’s greatest feuds, however, even Waters admits that Gilmour is one of the most creative and talented musicians. And it was the two of them who partnered up and made Pink Floyd a legendary band.

Although Gilmour is the frontman of one of the most popular rock bands of all time, he still wishes that he was in another iconic band. Can you guess which band is it? yes, Gilmour wished to be the Fab Four, the Beatles. He has talked about this in an interview and in this piece we will be discussing it.

The band David Gilmour wished to be in

As mentioned above, Gilmour wanted a member of the Beatles. And it is not even surprising considering the fact that Gilmour is a huge admirer of the Beatles and was inspired by their music a lot and of course he loves them a lot. At his young age, Gilmour would often play the Beatles’ songs. Also, he really wanted to get involved with the Beatles and his wish did come true, although he could not perform with all the members, he collaborated with Paul McCartney and performed together.

Even his collaboration with Paul shows that he really loves the Fab Four because Gilmour is a really successful musician, a legend actually and he does not need to collaborate for money. So the only reason for him to collaborate with McCartney is out of love.

Back in 2015, Gilmour was in an interview with Mojo where he talked about the Fab Four and said, “I really wish I had been in The Beatles. [They] taught me how to play guitar, I learnt everything. The bass parts, the lead, the rhythm, everything. They were fantastic.”

Furthermore, Gilmour also performed at the concert which was a tribute to the Beatles back in 2002. He has always admitted being the Beatles fan, back in 2006 he said in an interview, “I was an absolute mad Beatles fan.” Moreover, when Gilmour was asked in an interview if he thinks Pink Floyd is the best band ever and then the Beatles, he said that the Beatles are the best.

Gilmour really loved the Beatles and he was really devastated after hearing the news of John Lennon’s brutal murder. A few years after Lennon was killed, Gilmour released his song called “Murder” and he wrote this song in memory of Lennon. This track was included in his 1984 second solo album About Face.