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Metal Church is set to work on their next studio album in late 2024. This plan follows a busy touring schedule, spanning from March to October or November of 2024. Marc Lopes, the band’s singer, has hinted at the upcoming project, mentioning a list of titles and concepts already in development.

He and guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof have been experimenting with new ideas, aiming to introduce them in their spring tour. Lopes, who joined Metal Church in the summer of 2022 as the replacement for the late Mike Howe, debuted with the band in the studio album “Congregation Of Annihilation,” released in May 2023.

Guns N’ Roses has released a new single titled “The General,” which has been eagerly anticipated by fans. This single marks the band’s second release of 2023, following their earlier single “Perhaps”. The song “The General” is notably the b-side to the “Perhaps” single and was recorded, mixed, and mastered during the summer of 2023.

The band first introduced “The General” to the public during the final show of their 2023 world tour at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. This performance was the song’s live debut, occurring in early November. The song’s origins trace back to the band’s “Chinese Democracy” sessions, indicating its longstanding history within the band’s repertoire.

Following its live debut and the excitement it generated among fans, “The General” has now been officially released and is available across all major streaming services. This release represents a significant moment for Guns N’ Roses and their fan base, as it adds another chapter to the band’s storied history in rock music.

Steven Tyler, the frontman of Aerosmith, faced a significant setback due to vocal cord issues, which impacted the band’s farewell tour. In early September, he suffered a vocal cord injury, leading to a doctor’s recommendation for a thirty-day break from singing. This health issue resulted in the rescheduling of six shows.

Despite this hurdle, Steven Tyler is on the path to recovery and has been active in the studio. He recently updated fans on his condition via social media, stating that his throat is healing, but he is still able to work in the studio. He has been spending time remixing Aerosmith’s music, indicating his commitment to continue working despite the challenges.

This situation underscores the unpredictability of live performances and the physical demands placed on musicians, especially those with long-standing careers like Tyler’s.

The postponement of Aerosmith’s farewell tour dates serves as a reminder of the importance of health and well-being in the demanding world of music tours. The band, known for its significant impact in the rock genre, has evidently been working to manage these challenges while continuing to engage with their fan base.

Brazilian heavy metal icons Sepultura, after an illustrious 40-year journey in the music world, are preparing for their grand finale. In March 2024, they will launch their monumental farewell tour, ‘Celebrating Life Through Death,’ covering various continents over 18 months. This tour marks the end of an era for Sepultura, symbolizing a conscious, deliberate conclusion to their remarkable career.

Over these 18 months, Sepultura will honor their four-decade legacy, sharing this momentous occasion with their dedicated fans across the globe. The tour promises to be a fusion of nostalgia and celebration, encapsulating both the band’s historical and current achievements.

During this period, Sepultura intends to capture the essence of their live performances by recording 40 live tracks in 40 different cities. These recordings will culminate in a comprehensive compilation album, showcasing the band’s most dynamic and memorable stage moments.

Throughout their career, Sepultura has been more than just a band; they’ve been ambassadors of Brazilian metal, introducing their vibrant culture and rhythms to the world. Their recent album ‘Quadra’ and the ‘SepulQuarta’ project during the pandemic are testament to their enduring influence and creativity.

The farewell tour isn’t just a series of concerts; it’s a tribute to the fans, the SepulNation, who have been integral to the band’s journey. With unwavering loyalty and critical engagement, the fans have grown alongside Sepultura, making this final tour a shared celebration of their collective history.

Accompanying Sepultura on their European leg will be Ukrainian progressive metal band Jinjer, old-school death metal group Obituary, and Philadelphia’s own Jesus Piece. This lineup not only offers a diverse musical experience but also honors the contributions of these bands to the metal genre.

In essence, Sepultura’s farewell tour, ‘Celebrating Life Through Death,’ is more than just a goodbye; it’s a testament to their lasting impact on the heavy metal scene and a final thank you to their fans who have been their strength and inspiration.

Celebrating Life Through Death – European Farewell Tour 2024

30/10 Paris, FR – Zenith Paris – La Villette
31/10 Offenbach am Main, DE – Stadthalle
01/11 Hamburg, DE – Edel Optics Arena
02/11 Cologne, DE – Palladium
03/11 Den Bosch, NL – The Rock Circus
05/11 Brussels, BE – Ancienne Belgique
06/11 Esch-sur-Alzette, LU – Rockhal
08/11 Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy
09/11 Dublin, IE – Olympia Theatre
10/11 Belfast, UK – Telegraph Building
11/11 Glasgow, UK – Barrowland Ballroom
12/11 London, UK – Hammersmith Apollo
14/11 Zurich, CH – The Hall
15/11 Ludwigsburg, DE – MHP Arena
16/11 Munich, DE – Zenith
17/11 Budapest, HU – Barba Negra
19/11 Leipzig, DE – Haus Auensee
20/11 Vienna, AT – Gasometer
21/11 Katowice, PL – Spodek
22/11 Berlin, DE – Columbiahalle
23/11 Prague, CZ – O2 Universum


Sebastian Bach, the former frontman of Skid Row, has recently made waves in the music industry with his new solo track titled “What Do I Got to Lose?” This release comes after a long hiatus of nearly a decade and follows his intriguing stint as Tiki on the popular television show “The Masked Singer.”

In crafting this song, Sebastian Bach collaborated with Myles Kennedy, known for his work with Alter Bridge and Slash, and the renowned producer Elvis Baskette. The track is a robust, mid-tempo rock song that aligns seamlessly with Bach’s vocal strengths, showcasing his impressive range, especially with a striking key change in the chorus.

Bach expressed his enthusiasm for the track in a press release, describing it as an anthem symbolizing a powerful comeback and determination to excel. He emphasizes the song’s alignment with his current mindset and readiness to dominate the music scene with an old-school flair.

“What Do I Got to Lose?” is a notable addition to Bach’s discography, marking his first solo effort since the 2014 album “Give ‘Em Hell.” This track also debuts on the Reigning Phoenix Music label, a venture that Bach speaks highly of. He mentions working on an upcoming studio album for over eight years, hinting at its imminent release under this new label.

Additionally, Bach’s participation in “The Masked Singer” as Tiki, where he performed a memorable rendition of KISS‘ “I Was Made for Lovin’ You,” brought a fresh dimension to his career. Despite being voted out in the semifinals, he relished the experience and expressed gratitude towards the show’s team and the host, Nick Cannon, even hinting at a willingness to participate again in the future.

Overall, Sebastian Bach’s recent activities, including his new solo release and television appearance, signal a vibrant resurgence in his musical journey, exciting fans and the rock community alike.

The Rolling Stones, an iconic band in the world of rock music, continue to captivate audiences with their enduring charisma and musical evolution. In a recent interview with Guitar Player, Keith Richards, the legendary guitarist of the band, revealed some interesting details about their upcoming album, ‘Hackney Diamonds‘, and shared his personal experiences and changes in the band dynamics.

Keith Richards’ Vocal Transformation

Richards, known for his distinctive guitar riffs, surprised many by discussing the notable improvement in his vocal performance in the new album. He attributed this change to quitting smoking in 2019, which positively affected his voice. The feedback from sound engineers and the audience was overwhelmingly positive, making singing a more enjoyable experience for him. This development adds a new dimension to Richards’ already impressive musical repertoire.

Inside the Creation of ‘Tell Me Straight’

One of the highlights of the interview was Richards’ insight into the track ‘Tell Me Straight’. He described the song as a blend of mythic themes and stark truths. Interestingly, he revealed a playful conflict with Mick Jagger, who apparently tried to claim the song for himself. This anecdote sheds light on the creative tensions and dynamics that often fuel the creative process within the band.

The Hackney Diamonds Stadium Tour

The interview also touched upon the Rolling Stones’ upcoming ‘Hackney Diamonds Stadium Tour’. Sponsored by AARP, the tour promises to be a blend of classic hits and new tracks from their 26th album. Starting on April 28, 2024, in Houston, the tour will cover 16 cities across the United States and Canada. It offers fans a chance to witness the band’s latest musical developments and Richards’ evolved vocal performance, alongside their timeless classics.

This recent interview with Keith Richards not only excites fans about the Rolling Stones’ new music but also offers a glimpse into the continuous evolution and enduring legacy of one of the greatest rock bands in history. The Hackney Diamonds Stadium Tour, with its mix of old and new, promises to be a landmark event in the band’s illustrious career.

Dee Snider recently shared his thoughts with Canada’s The Metal Voice regarding Kiss’ ongoing farewell tour. A lifelong fan of Kiss, Snider reminisced about his early days on Long Island, not far from where Kiss originated in Queens. He vividly recalled the excitement surrounding the release of their debut album, “Kiss,” and his eagerness to be part of that moment.

Dee Snider expressed skepticism about the finality of Kiss’ farewell tour, suggesting that he’ll only believe it’s truly the end when he sees the members of Kiss in their iconic coffins. His remarks reflect both his admiration for the band and his realistic perspective on the nature of farewell tours in the rock world.

Gene Simmons of Kiss recently had a conversation with Dan Savoie from 519 magazine, where he delved into the details of the band’s “End of the Road” farewell tour, concluding this December in New York City. Simmons highlighted that while the tour signifies the band’s final curtain call, the Kiss legacy will persist beyond their stage performances.

Simmons emphasized, “This tour marks the cessation of our band’s journey, but not the Kiss phenomenon. The Kiss world encompasses a multitude of avenues, including films, merchandise, and potentially Broadway endeavors.”

“The band’s chapter may be closing, but the Kiss essence is eternal,” he elaborated. “This is a farewell to touring, but not to Kiss itself.”

He further revealed, “Kiss will maintain its presence. We’ve established a Kiss museum in Las Vegas at the Rio, named Kiss World. Additionally, there’s a line-up of exciting ventures, including Kiss-themed cruises, an upcoming movie, and a cartoon show in the works. Plus, there’s a plethora of toys and games that will continue to bring joy.”

The Sweetwater video highlights Lita Ford’s remarkable journey in the music industry. Her journey began with The Runaways, an all-women rock band, and transitioned into a successful glam-metal solo career. Ford’s talent in both vocals and guitar playing, combined with her ability to merge pop and metal, made her a standout artist. Collaborations with stars like Nikki Sixx and Ozzy Osbourne further cemented her status.

After the release of her sixth album, “Black,” in 1995, Ford took a break from music for almost two decades, focusing on motherhood. In 2009, she made a powerful comeback, guitar in hand, ready to continue her musical exploration. Since then, Ford has released more albums and engaged in various creative projects, including writing an autobiography, showcasing her versatility and enduring influence in the music world.

In 1969, at the tender age of 16, Geddy Lee faced the profound grief of losing his father early in life. This experience instilled in him a keen awareness of life’s fleeting nature, propelling him to passionately pursue his dreams. Despite his mother’s concerns, he left school to chase a career in music.

Lee’s resolve wasn’t dampened by his mother’s skepticism; it fueled his commitment. He transformed his basement into a sanctuary of rock, which often reverberated to his grandmother’s kitchen. Their intense practice sessions were so vigorous that they once shook glasses off shelves, sending them crashing into her chicken broth.

Geddy Lee, driven by his dreams and craving new experiences, was thrilled to attend The Rock Pile concert in Toronto, featuring the then-emerging Led Zeppelin. Accompanied by Alex Lifeson and their first drummer, John Rutsey, they endured long lines for tickets.

At the concert, Led Zeppelin, led by Jimmy Page, commanded the stage. Not yet famous, they delivered an unforgettable performance. Geddy and the early members of Rush, enduring the long wait under the sun, secured front-row seats. The show was so powerful that plaster cascaded from the ceiling during the encore.

This concert marked a turning point in Lee’s musical journey. He regarded Led Zeppelin as the band that redefined his musical path during his formative years.

On the day Led Zeppelin released their debut album, Lee and his friends were among the first at the record store. They hurried back to his room, where they were mesmerized by the powerful beats of “Communication Breakdown.”

Led Zeppelin’s influence on Rush was clear, but the young band found it challenging to replicate their sound. They practiced tirelessly in their basement, struggling with the complexity of Led Zeppelin’s music, especially during their early bar performances.

Lee acknowledged that their attempts to emulate Led Zeppelin were instrumental in developing Rush’s distinctive sound. They wove various influences into their music, creating something uniquely their own.

Lee reflected, “Led Zeppelin explored realms that other metal bands overlooked. Robert Plant’s grand, Tolkien-esque lyrics might not resonate with everyone, but to me, they were magical.”